Creating Good Habits: Keeping Coupons Clipped and Organized

Since blogging about things helps keep me held accountable, I’m trying to add a new task each week that I’d like to work on. Last week, I started up my weekly menu planning again. I’ll continue with that one but here’s my new one to add for this week…

While I can share so many fabulous deals and coupons with you each week, a lot of them do require coupons that come from the Sunday paper inserts. But, if the coupons aren’t clipped–or organized–it’s rather impossible to grab those great deals.

Overall, clipping coupons really doesn’t take up a lot of time. Especially if you are just focusing solely on the ones that you think that you’ll use, and possibly adding in those that typically get you some freebies or great donations, such as the ones for toothbrushes, shampoos, etc.

The key to great couponing, is to have some sort of system for keeping them all organized. I’ve tried them all but I keep coming back to clipping just the ones I need and passing the rest onto someone else that might find them useful. But for some odd reason, finding that 15-20 minutes each week to clip and organize them can seem like the most daunting task.

So the good habit that I’m going to add to focus on is to keep those coupons clipped. My goal is to set aside 20 minutes each Sunday and clip them and get them into my organizer. Since Sunday evenings are typically my time to catch up on a TV show on the DVR from earlier in the week, I’m going to force myself to not watch anything until this task is done.

So I’m wondering, how do you all go about organizing your coupons and finding the time to keep them all managed and ready to grab those hot sales? I’m hoping that some of you will join me in catching up on coupon clipping and keep them organized going forward. Love to hear your progress!

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  1. Desiree says

    I don’t clip them. I have a 3-ring binder full of sheet protectors. Each week I go through the coupon insert, pull out the pages that are just ads or for stuff I know I will never use, and put each insert (SS, RP, etc) in a separate sheet protector, and put a tab on it with the date and which insert it is. I then go online to and find their list of what was in the insert, and “clip” what i got rid of or didn’t get, then print it and that goes in the protector in front of the coupons, so I can look and see what i have in there. When I cut a coupon out, I cross it out on the sheet with a marker.

  2. Tammy N. says

    Peer Pressure! LOL! Each Sunday morning several friends and I meet at my house to clip coupons, share coupons, make shopping lists, etc… then we go shopping together! Hubby is a sweetie and makes breakfast for all of us then watches the children so we can clip and shop without distractions! It makes for a wonderful day! We hit Walgreens and CVS, go out to lunch, then shop at Publix. We joke that it may take a village to raise a child.. but it takes a gaggle of ladies (and one sweet man) to do the best deal shopping!

  3. CJ says

    I clip all my coups early Sat morning and then file them into my envelopes while I’m watching tv or other quiet time. I usually can remember which coupons I have and can easily pull them out and match them with my sale lists for the week. I only shop for myself (plus extras for donations) so couponing really doesnt take me much time. I dont know how you moms find time for it sometimes!

  4. says

    I use one of the larger file boxes. Not the one to hold 3X5 cards, but the one to hold 4×6. I have the file dividers in there, made up with categories that work for me. I’ve tried five different systems, and this works perfectly for me!

  5. Elaine Hall says

    What kind of binder do you use? I have an actual coupon organizer but it is not nearly big enough. I’ve looked at several different binders but haven’t really found one that would work.

  6. says

    I clip the coupons I know that I will use for sure. Not the maybe’s, not the “if it goes on sale” ones but only the ones I know that I use and I filed those away in my coupon organizer.

    I put the inserts into a file and keep them for about six weeks. That way, if a good deal comes around I can pull out the insert and clip.

    This process helps me stay organized because I have less to clip, less to file away in the coupon organizer and less to throw out when they expire.

  7. Katherine says

    I don’t clip either, until I’m organizing my shopping trip. It’s far easier to keep the entire insert filed neatly away than it is to clip all the coupons.

    I do quickly go through the inserts and pull out pages for items that I will never use (i.e., dog food, air fresheners, slipper sox, tomato cages) and toss those. Then I put the rest into a heavy duty sheet protector and write the date on a post-it note and stick it to the front. The sheet protectors go into a regular 3 ring school binder (that the rest of the family is forbidden to touch).

    When I’m putting together my deal lists, it is easy to locate the insert I want, clip only the coupons I need, and head to the store with those in a small organizer.

    I also sort coupons by stores and then by aisles. Everything is easy to find and the shopping goes much faster.

  8. Sue says

    I bought a photo album for cheap at Michael’s that has 3 ring binder pages that have the clear pockets for 4 x 6″ pictures. I clip the coupons and put them in the pockets in order of the category, like cereal, canned goods, frozen, beauty, etc. If I have more than one coupon for the same product, I put them both in the same clear pocket.

    Makes it very easy to look at the weekly ads, flip to that section and pull out the coupons I have that match. No more flipping through coupons in envelopes since I can see them all!

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