Creating Good Habits: Keeping a Low Inventory List

Since blogging about things helps keep me held accountable, I’m trying to add a new task each week that I’d like to work on.  I’ve been working on creating my Weekly Cleaning Schedule from last week and I’ll share my progress later this week.

This week I am adding “keeping a low inventory list” to my tasks to maintain. What exactly is a “low inventory list?” It’s kind of just like it sounds–a list of items that you keep track of what is getting low in that stockpile of yours. I used to be very, very good at this and I’ve let it slip away, due to time constraints. It’s so sad because it’s such a good way to quickly see items you’ll want to keep track of and watch for sales and coupons to keep your overall costs low.

Just recently, I had to pay full price for shampoo (gasp) because I didn’t realize that I was on my last bottle. I’m kind of finicky of the shampoo I use and sadly, no coupons nor sales were available. My hubby teased me because I’m very adamant about reminding him that he needs to tell me when he’s on his last tube/jar/bottle of anything so I can watching for deals for it.

What’s great about these low inventory lists is if you date them and keep them all together throughout the year, such as in a binder, you’ll eventually start to see a trend in how quickly you go through your supplies. This is a very useful tool when it comes to deciding how many of something to buy when you can get it for a hot price.

So this week, the task that I’m adding to my good habits is to work on creating my low inventory list–and then seeing if I have any current coupons or can find any available coupons online for those items. Going forward, I’ll add a day to the calendar each month for updating and revising my list.

Do any of you keep a running “low inventory list?” I’m hoping some of you will join me in this task for this week to create a good ongoing habit. Love to hear your progress!