Creating Good Habits: Creating a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Since blogging about things helps keep me held accountable, I’m trying to add a new task each week that I’d like to work on. You can read the past ones I’ve worked on, in case you are just tuning in. This week, I’m going to work on creating a weekly cleaning schedule. My current schedule is basically–well, none. Don’t get me wrong–our house is typically fairly clean. But it just gets that way in the most unorganized way.

I have this vision of setting specific tasks for specific days, with of course, some tasks, such as dishes and laundry, being handled daily. My overall goal is to break off bits of the cleaning daily so I’m not overwhelmed with too many tasks on the weekend or running around in a cleaning frenzy when I hear that company is on their way over.

Since I spent a good portion of my summer de-cluttering the house, I’m getting closer to being able to “pick-up” the house in a reasonable amount of time. This is definitely the first step to keeping a house clean because if you are constantly spending so much time picking up thousands of toys and what-not, it leaves such little time to do those fun things like vacuuming, dusting, mopping and cleaning all the linens.

So my good habit that I’m going to work on this week is creating a manageable weekly schedule for keeping the house clean. I think that keeping myself a little more organized will save time.  This should in turn lead to more opportunities for time with my family and/or keeping myself organized in other areas that will save us money long-term.

Do any of you have a good cleaning schedule that is working well for you? I’d love to hear how you break up the tasks and I’m hoping that some of you will be joining me in creating this good habit going forward if you don’t have one in place yet, either. Love to hear your progress!

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  1. says

    You already know this is a big issue of mine! I’m still trying to overcome the “de-cluttering”…people suggest I hire a housekeeper (They don’t know me well 😉 …but I don’t mind cleaning…its GETTING to the cleaning that is my issue!

    On that note…I have started working my way through a list of “big” tasks like cleaning the ceiling fans, etc…when I do them I set them as an event on my phone calendar…monthly, weekly, whatever I think is a good time frame…then a reminder for the day before so I know that is the day to get it done. One or two “big” things a week is plenty :)

  2. lynn cook says

    actually i don’t have a good cleaning schedule either so i am really interested to see what yours comes out like

  3. cristina says

    well,i’ve got it pretty easy. i only have one kid,the other is still on the way but due in february. this is what i do: i never ever go to bed if i have dishes in the sink. i wash them as i use them when i cook.i do laundry only saturdays,3 loads only: whites,colored and kids clothes. i vacuum every other day mostly in high-traffic areas(hallways,livingroom),i dust right before i vacuum,i wash the oven/microwave/fridge once a month,i just keep it clean by wiping every spill as it happens,also i have aluminum foil in the range “eyes” and in the oven so basically all i gotta do is take the foil and change it once in a while if it does get dirty…i was lucky to have taught my 2 year old son to put away his toys by himself,he makes his own bed,helps me arrange the couches and make beds in other rooms,helps me wash dishes and put them away,i only allow one toy at a time out of his room,i do a quick cleanup at the end of the day and quick cleanup at the begining of the day and then i just keep it clean by being careful what and how i do things and clean up as i spill/brake/cook something.:) fast and easy.

  4. Jamie says

    I’ve have been wanting to do the same thing. Create a cleaning schedule. I feel like everyday I’m trying to clean the whole house & with baby #5 on the way that doesnt leave time for much else. So when u get ur created I’ll steal ur schedule & tweak it to fit my household. LOL. Love ur blog & thanks for all ur hard work!!!

  5. says

    I’ve started a blog centered around this idea @ I had a rocky time getting started, but now that I’m in the swing of things I’ve been able to get some organization done! I’m taking it step by step, task by task. My biggest issue in the past has been similar to yours, not overwhelming myself with a lot of of tasks on one day. Good luck!

  6. Erica R says

    We just found out that our two year old is allergic to dust so I would love to hear of a great cleaning schedule!

  7. Valerie says

    I have created a pretty basic schedule that seems to work for me. I am a stay at home mom, so that probably helps too =) The biggest thing for me is to take advantage of whatever room we are already in.

    While the kids are eating breakfast I can unload the dishwasher or finish any dishes from the night before and wipe down the counters and sweep the floors.
    While the kids are eating lunch I alternate between cleaning the fridge, the stove, the microwave, whatever else appliances so everything gets clean about once a week.
    While the kids are splashing around the bathtub I have a few minutes to clean the bathroom.
    The kids nap for about an hour so I pick a different room everyday to do a more thorough cleaning.
    The toys dont leave the playroom which is where we spend more than half the day anyway so before bed we all pick up and I just vacuum it every other night or so after bed.
    I will be trapped in the house now every sunday for football season, so this is when I plan to get all the laundry done =)

  8. Brooke says

    I go around the house and pick up one thing for how many years old I am. It sounds difficult, but it takes me no longer than ten minutes (I’m 22).

    Tonight it in five minutes I got:
    Bathroom: Ponytail holders on the counter (2)
    Living room: Hubby’s briefcase in the floor (1)
    3 pairs of shoes in floor (3)
    Blanket on the couch (1)
    2 glasses (2)
    2 phones off the charger (2)
    Notebook paper, pen, highlighter on desk (3)
    Dirty plate, fork, and glass (3)
    Clothes on floor (4)
    Another glass (1)

  9. Christy says

    Here’s my schedule…

    Monday: Laundry, Take out Trash, Floors (Vacuum, Sweep, Swiffer, etc…)
    Tuesday: Clean Bathrooms, Ironing, Wipe Down Couches and Chairs
    Wednesday: Grocery Shopping, Water Indoor Plants, Budget
    Thursday: Dust, Vacuum, Balance Checkbook, Shred & File Papers
    Friday: Laundry, Take out Trash, Shopping at Walgreens and CVS

    (Everyday I make sure the kitchen is clean, beds are made and during the summer all the outdoor plants are watered).

    I don’t always get to everything and somedays I bump a task or two to another day or swap tasks around…and somedays we just opt for playdates or playtime with no chores at all. :)

  10. Ricarda says

    I don’t have a formal set in stone cleaning schedule. But I do vacuum almost everday (minimum 5 days a week). We have mostly hardwood floors and tiles in our home. Only the children’s bedroom is carpeted. I find vacuuming the hardwood/tiled floors does the trick better than sweeping. It really sucks up every little particle. I mop twice a week. We have two dogs here and most people are amazed we have the dogs because they never see fur on the floors.

    As for the bathroom, I clean the sink, countertops/mirror and the toilet twice a week. Tub weekly. I find that it’s easier to maintain a clean home if you stay on top of things instead of allowing it to accumulate. Same goes for the mail. I immediately open the mail and sort it all out.

  11. Kate says

    We have a two story, four bedroom, 3 bath home (no garage). I handle the cleaning on a daily and weekly basis (depending on the task) to keep a hold on things.

    I would suggest making a loose schedule and then tweaking/changing it as your needs change. Like dieting, trying to stick to a rigid cleaning schedule is only going to get you into trouble when something happens (i.e., child is sick, you have to stay late at work, etc.) and can’t get to that day’s task.

    I recommend using some good tools (i.e., a laundry sorter, a large head mop with washable pads, and a good vacuum on each floor) and some good organizing techniques (i.e., paper towels/rags in each bathroom, cleaning sponge, toilet brush, trash bags, glass cleaner, tile/shower cleaner, dust rags and spray stored near each vacuum) so that you can “grab and go”. Wipe the tub down with a clean rag after every use and you will find that the shower seems to be almost self cleaning. Change the rag weekly. Wipe down counters and use the same paper towel to give the toilet a quick wipe down.

    Dirty clothing gets sorted at the beginning (or end) of each day and when the sorter bin is full, it’s time to run a load of that clothing. Depending on your family size, you may be doing a load or two of clothing daily or several times per week. Fold clothes immediately after the dryer goes off and you’ll save time ironing–especially if you hang clothes immediately.

    Have each family member pick up after themselves on a daily basis. Assign the kids tubs for their toys. Even stacked the tubs are neater looking than toys everywhere. If you can, invest in furniture that has good storage options. Our coffee and side tables have baskets that hold toys out of sight and neatly corralled. Aim to vacuum/mop your high traffic pathways two-three times per week. Ask family members (not guests) to remove their shoes at the door and put them away immediately. You will notice the difference almost immediately.

    Lastly, find a schedule (while I’m making dinner) that works best for you in putting away dishes. Start a sink full of hot soapy water when cooking and stay on top of dishes the entire time. Have everyone help with clean up.

    Declutter and continue to declutter on a weekly/monthly/seasonal basis. Box up outgrown clothing, toys, and other household items twice a year and donate them. Have the kids purge their belongings prior to major holidays and birthdays. Be ruthless and admire things in the store but don’t bring them home unless they have a place to go to.

    It sounds like a lot, but once you get in the habit, it really is a whiz. Setting the timer to accomplish things in 20 minute intervals makes it almost like a game for me. I turn on some good music and go, before I know it, I’m done.

  12. says

    This is such a great post! Thank you! This has been a struggle for me as well. I have been trying to declutter my house for the past few weeks, trying to clean it so that it looks nicer. But when I look at all that I have to do and think of doing it in a day, it can get overwhelming. So I wrote out a cleaning and daily schedule for myself but never printed it out to put up for me to refer to. This post really stirred me up and encouraged me to get to it and do it!
    I needed that extra “shove”. Thank you! In my recent blog post, I referred to this blog post. Have a great day!

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