Backyard Camping Adventures with Coleman

I grew up with so many fond memories of camping trips with my family. So when my hubby asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday so many years ago, I immediately said, “Camping!”

Since neither of us had any camping supplies, we had to take the plunge and buy everything new. I wish we had planned better by watching sales throughout the year or buying up on discount when the season was over but we didn’t.  All I remember is that I was looking for one particular word on what we bought –Coleman.

While I may not be brand particular when it comes to several household items, I am definitely brand-loyal when it comes to camping and it’s Coleman for as much as I can find.

When the kids were born, we had to take a hiatus on our camping trips. That was, until our friends told us about the idea of “Backyard Camping.” It’s such a great way to see if your kids will like camping and you still have the conveniences of home–and a place to run to for shelter in the rain.

What do you need for a successful Backyard Camping Adventure?

1) The obvious–a Tent . Even if you are a smaller family, I would still consider getting a larger tent. Most people end up growing into it and in the meantime, you’ll have some extra storage space.

2) Sleeping Bags – There are a few levels of sleeping bags. We always choose one that has a low temperature rating just because it gets so cold where we live.

3) Air Mattress – This may seem like a luxury but the first time you sleep on the ground and roll over to get a rock jabbed into your back, you’ll find it’s almost a necessity. :) Coleman makes a Quick Bed Air Mattress that inflates very fast. You can also find an air pump that plugs into your cigarette lighter of your vehicle if you are on a camping trip where there’s no electricity.

4) A Good Lantern – You’d be surprised at how dark it can really get outside, even with the nearby street lights on.

5) A Cooler and Water Jugs – These are especially important for camping trips away from home. Coleman has a cooler now that has a handle and wheels in the back that make it a lot easier to move. The weight of the contents aren’t so much on you but on the wheels. The Water Jugs are great for any cooking you may need to do and of course, fresh drinking water. Coleman has made some that actually stack on top of each other so you can set up a nice drinking area.

6) Smores– no camping trip is complete without the graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate yummy treats! Look for the marshmallow sticks in the camping aisle to cook them on. These will usually work well for cooking hot dogs, too.

7) Mosquito Spray, Sunblock, First Aid Kit, etc — All those things needed to keep your family protected.

8.) Games, Magazines, Books, etc — A little entertainment for the family. We usually bring a portable DVD player and watch a new movie with the kids before bed.

Camping is a great way to make some wonderful memories together. If you watch the sales, you can turn it into a very frugal outing, too. Now is a great time to pick up camping supplies as most stores, such as Target, are discounting them to make room for other seasonal items. So keep your eyes open for those items on clearance.

Coleman is running a series of contests on The Coleman Company Facebook Page. So check it out and you might be able to win some supplies for your family. The current one ends October 15, 2010. They also post coupons there so keep an eye out for those.

A special thank you to Coleman for sending me some of their products to test and review. These products did not affect my posting and I always let my sponsors know this before accepting any offers.

Do any of you take camping trips with your families? Have any of you tried Backyard Camping Trips yet?

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