Giveaway: 30 Day Gourmet’s Big Book of Freezer Cooking

Imagine getting an email from a cooking author that helped change the way you cook and being asked if you’d like to preview their latest edition. Yes, I was indeed honored, and almost speechless when I received that email from Nanci Slagle of 30 Day Gourmet.

You see, about four years ago when I found out I was pregnant with my son, I decided I needed to prepare for this life-changing event by finding as many shortcuts to life’s daily tasks as I could. I wanted to learn more about freezer cooking so I could have meals easily ready to go at suppertime. So I immediately went searching the web and discovered 30 Day Gourmet’s last book. It was exactly what I was looking for. It wasn’t just recipes, but it was step-by-step on how to freezer cook–the do’s and don’ts and planning worksheets. I loved it so much that it changed the way I cook now. I freeze meals all the time for quick dinners.

My only negative I could have said about the book was that I couldn’t lay it flat to keep it open while I was working on the recipes. They have completely fixed that with the latest book called 30 Day Gourmet’s BIG Book of Freezer Cooking. It’s a ring-bound book (that lays flat!) that has a lot of their past recipes, new recipes and just like with the last copy, you get a user/password so you can have access to all their online recipes, too. Some of my favorites that I’ve cooked have come from their website, too.

Overall, there are 150 recipes in the book–each of them comes with nutritional analysis, color photos, step-by-step instructions and freezing info.

And if you ever do check this one out, I highly recommend the Taco Chili! I’ve cooked this many a time for family and friends and they barely believe me when I tell them it was frozen just a few hours before. It’s a seasonal tradition for us to have on Sundays when the Bears games are on now.

Nanci was so very kind to offer me a copy to giveaway to one of my lucky readers. I’m hoping if this sounds like something you’d like to read and learn how to do, that you’ll enter and try to win it.


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Good luck to all of you who enter!

A very special thank you to Nanci Slagle of 30 Day Gourmet not only for the giveaway opportunity for my readers but also for the 30 Day Gourmet Big Book of Freezer Cooking for myself, as well. Please note that these gifts did not affect my review in any way. I always provide honest reviews for my readers and notify all sponsors of this before accepting their offers.

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  1. Michelle says

    We freeze taco meat, meat loaf, meat balls, marinated chicken breasts, lasagna, and more. I’d love to expand my freezer recipe collection with school starting (I school 4 at home plus a preschooler) and football kicking into high gear!

  2. Kerry Rigley says

    I have never frozen meals in my entire life- I want to learn it all! I freeze meats from the store but I didn’t realize you could freeze a meal and have it thaw out without being icy or wet- sounds exciting!

  3. amanda swegan says

    I have never tried the freezing thing. I would this cookbook as I am a mother of 5 and never have enough hours in my day to cook. My husband would never let me get one of these cool books. I need it as he like to do the cooking but the kids and i would rather starve than eat his cooking. Thanks Amanda

  4. Jody Mitchell says

    I would love to learn how to use freezer meals! We are a family of 4 with 2 boys and they eat us out of house and home. It would be nice to just be able to throw something in the oven so I could spend more time with my kids!

  5. Jessi says

    About 4 months out from welcoming baby #3 in 3.5 years, I decided to try freezing meals for the first time. I froze casseroles, meatballs, soup and meatloaf…all of which thawed and reheated quite successfully. 😉 It was so wonderful to not have to think about what time to start preparing dinner….I would LOVE to expand my freezer meal collection now that the freezer is empty again.

  6. Cheryl says

    I’ve just started to learn how to do Freezer Cooking. So far I have tried different types of potatoes and a chicken casserole. Luckily both came out great. I’m dyeing for more recipes, so that I can learn more about the great way of cooking.

  7. Amanda says

    I have had success freezing ice cubes lol. I would love to learn what foods are best for freezing and start freezing meals to have them ready for the week. I love getting your e-mails thanks for all the helpful information!

  8. Christi Meyer says

    I would love this. I’m always looking for economical ways to help my family & plan for our busy life.

  9. Rhonda Packard says

    I’ve had success freezing cheese, where alot have diffculty with it. Always can learn more though!

  10. Melissa says

    I have been following you on FB for awhile now and have read up on your many Freezer Session posts. I have been very curious as to which book to start with and have begun looking at some while shopping and B&N. This one sounds like a winner!

  11. Sarah says

    Only thing I ever really freeze consistantly is meat. Would love to learn how to do more!

  12. Catherine Taylor says

    I would like to learn to freeze food that tastes good too. I am open to all sorts of food to make

  13. Heather says

    I’d love a copy of this cookbook! I’d like to learn how to freeze a variety of things… meatballs, casseroles, dough, and banana puree are the main ones I can think of right now.

  14. Tracy Stauffer says

    I have a lot of women tell me that they don’t cook because they are single. I enjoy cooking for just me. The leftovers go into the freezer and, on the nights when I don’t feel like cooking, I have dinner to pop into the microwave. Tonight, I have some curry chicken soup that I made a few weekends ago.

  15. maren says

    I always doubble my pie and caderole recipes and freeze one of them. Works great for unexpected visitors!!

  16. maren says

    Did you hear the joke about the girl who poured boiling water in ice cube trays and froze ot immediately, ” because boiling water is always handy”……..

  17. marci says

    To help with freezer burn on food–put your items in a brown paper bag BEFORE putting them in the freezer–it sounds strange BUT it does work. :)

  18. theresa says

    would like to learn how to freeze fruit in the summer & find out how long they’ll last in the freezer,

  19. Kristine says

    I try to freeze meals but seem to do the same 3 or 4 – meatloaf, meatballs, chicken…would love to find new recipies :)

  20. Vicki Sweet says

    Freeze just about everything including left over mashed potatoes and mushed up overripe bananas. I learned the hard way to label. things dont always look like what they are frozen mushed bananas and brown gravy look just alike i ruined a big pot of left over soup with mashed bananas. Would love a new freezer cookbook.

  21. maureen says

    i have frozen white rice and mashed sweet potatoes with major success. i find its the little things that can sometimes take the longest. i have made frozen ziti, seasoned meat to use as tacos or meat sauce for pasta and even bread batter… i love freezer cooking and would love more easy healthy recipes!!!

    new durham, nh

  22. Pam Frohn says

    I love to have chili and meatballs in the freezer. I’m working on improving pizza kits.

  23. traci says

    I have frozen baked goods, cheese, and chilli with great success. I would love to learn to freeze more entrees, those that I have tried did not turn out well!

  24. Amy says

    I am always looking for new ideas to make dinnertime less of a hassle. I like making stuffed peppers and freezing them. It’s easy to take out just what you need for a meal.

  25. Phyllis Guy says

    I follow you on facebook. This book would be so useful to me. Medical conditions prevent me from cooking a healthy meal for the family everyday. Learning how to make freezer meals means I could cook all I want on a good day and have a healthy meal on the table when I’m having a bad day. Love it.

  26. Jennifer says

    I have been trying to do freezer cooking for a while, but nothing has turned out! This book would def help me!! I work full-time with two young kids; I try to take advantage of all short-cuts!!

  27. Deana Rudy says

    I have a big freezer and really have no idea how to freeze properly. I would love to win this book. Thank you for the chance to win it.

  28. Amy G says

    I always make a big batch of my homeade pasta sauce and freeze in smaller containers. This way its ready for those nights I don’t really want to cook.

  29. Christina M. says

    I would love to freeze weeknight meals. Nothing worse than coming home and not having anything quick for dinner!

  30. Teresa Scoggins says

    White chicken chili (minus the beans) freezes well. You can add canned white beans when it’s unthawed.

  31. Lisa says

    We have frozen spaghetti sauce, but we would love to find more things to freeze to make our lives easier on our busy days.

  32. April says

    I freeze meat and sauces but I would love to expand my knowledge. As a busy working mom I need to find some ways to save off the time I have to spend in the kitchen so I can spend more time with my family.

  33. says

    I want this book so bad! I’ve had a lot of luck freezing overripe bananas to use in banana bread later. I want to learn to freeze everything!

  34. says

    I freeze leftover fresh herbs such as green onions and cilantro, by laying them out in a pan, chopped, to freeze. I then scoop them into a ziploc baggie, and I have easy to use frozen seasonings :)

  35. Erica R says

    I never freeze anything because I’m not sure what I can and cannot freeze and how long food can stay in there.

  36. Sarah K. says

    I have successfully frozen veggies from the garden (after learning that I need to blanche them first!). I would love to learn more about freezer cooking for nights when we need a quick meal.

  37. says

    I freeze homemade spaghetti sauce for a quick pull out on a weeknight. However, I have been looking at these books and wanting to get one, cause I’d love to be able to do quick on the nights we have ballgames rather than eating out all the time. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  38. Kristi Prouty says

    I like to freeze browned hamburger so that I can make things quickly later!

  39. Heather Lord says

    I would love to win this cookbook! Super busy family running from one thing to the next! Never know what would work to freeze… We freeze one meal – Pizza Casserole (WW recipe) which works great… and always happy when we pull it out of the freezer, but I need more recipes like that!

  40. Heather Lord says

    Would love to win this cookbook – super busy family always running from one event to another – We have one meal that we freeze (Pizza Casserole), but need more! Thanks!

  41. Lori Batronis says

    Love freezing everything. Like making large batches of mash potatoes and flash freezing them in muffin cups and then popping them out and storing them in freezer bags. Makes for easy portioning when planning a meal.

  42. Lori says

    We cook up lots of extra burgers (beef or chicken), sausages (brat, chocken, italian), or hot dogs when we fire up the grill. Wrap individually in plastic wrap and freeze. THen you can have a grilled lunch any day….just nuke!

  43. Suburban Prep says

    I have made some appetizers and freeze them and then heat them up when I have company.The appetizers are spinach balls.

  44. Tara Thomas says

    I grow a lot of herbs in the Summer and not all of them make it into the Fall, so I chop them up, put them in ice cube tray and cover them with a little water so they’ll freeze. Then you can just take the herb cubes and drop them into sauces or whatever you’re cooking all year long.

  45. Summer says

    I have been wanting to start freezing meals. We just got an extra freezer not too long ago, but it seems that I only freeze bread and butter that I find at a great price.

  46. jamie k says

    I have heard a lot of people talk about freezing butter, chesse, and milk when they find great deals on that just would like to get more tips on that.

  47. Tracy S says

    New to freezer cooking and would love to find out more about it. Need easy recipes to get me started.

  48. Kelly D says

    I would love to learn how to make a weeks meal, freeze it and serve it up without any hassel or worries during the week. WOW…..that would save SO much time….time I can spend with my family!!!

  49. Tawni says

    I’ve started freezing excess produce– did some peaches the other day and they look very nice! And of course I freeze homemade baby-food purees.

  50. Kristen Hales says

    I haven’t had much success with anything, so would love some great recipes that actuall work!

  51. Becky says

    I have started experimenting with freezing meals. I’ve had good luck with quiches!

  52. Kellye Davis says

    My daughter and I took a day off from work. It was our first attempt at this kind of thing. It actually went pretty well. Trying to be organized, which I’m not very good at, I did forget a couple of ingredients, so we had to run to the store and pick them up. Other than that little boo-boo we had a good time and are both enjoying having meals to just defrost and stick in the oven!!

  53. Tammy Hutchison says

    I follow you on face book. would love to learn more about freezer cooking and recipes.

  54. Nikki LOng says

    I’ve only had luck with freezing cookie doughs. I tried to freeze a stew and it was SO not a winner! I NEED the dos and don’t of freezing!

  55. Jena Jenkins says

    I would love to freeze more veggies from the garden — especially corn and tomatoes!

  56. Chrissie says

    This would be a great help for a busy life such as mine! Thanks for the chance on winning this book.

  57. Crystal Y says

    I have had luck freezing meatloaf, but would LOVEEEEE to find other dinners to freeze!!!!

  58. Lori B says

    I make big batches of soup and freeze the extra in pint and quart containers. Easy to defrost and reheat when needed!

  59. Emily says

    When I bake chicken breasts, I often make extras and cut them into chunks and freeze them. They’re great for quick casseroles or throwing them in with some chicken helper or pasta.

  60. Beka says

    I would like to learn to freeze enchiladas, which is one of my husband and I’s favorite dishes.

  61. Valencia says

    I subscribe to the email and I would love to learn about freezing meals in small portions.

  62. Jessica says

    I freeze tamales but that’s pretty much it. I would love to learn how to freeze different foods and have great recipes too.

  63. Marcy Papariello says

    I freeze bread all the time. When defrosted, it tastes as fresh as the day I bought it!

  64. joe says

    i like freezing home made pancakes. they taste a little funny though so I would love to learn how to do this correctly

  65. Wanda Rountree says

    I get big packs of Hamberger meat and go ahead and brown. Then I freeze enuff for different meals so I dont have to cook the meat part each time. That part is already done.

  66. Tracy Harper says

    I’d love to learn how to freeze different foods. I’m always skeptical about how they will taste after being frozen.

  67. Julie Eastman says

    I would like to know which casseroles can be safely and effectively frozen.

  68. Tonia L. says

    I love freezing stuffed shells. Especially in small bags were you squeeze the air out. 2-4 shells per bag. YUM!

  69. Joy Fledelius says

    I would love to be able to freeze what I cook and pre-prepare my meals, I just don’t know what can and can’t be frozen, or be frozen and still be edible. The only thing I’ve frozen is my chili, I’m too chicken to experiment with anything else.

  70. sandi robets says

    I subscribe to your email.. I freeze so many things. My freezer is a money saving,fresh eating, time saving blessing to me….

  71. Cindy says

    Enchiladas and White Chilli are freezer staples at our house. I would love to win this! I subscibe to RSS, and Facebook.

  72. casey knepshield says

    I would LOVE to learn to freeze food! I have just been asking my mom for tips! It makes things so much easier for me with working full time! Thanks!

  73. christine says

    I buy meat on sale then cut into serving sizes and freeze. For instance for hamburger I flatten out the meat while in a ziploc bag or vacuum seal; section off, freeze flat then after frozen all I have to do is break off the serving size I need.

  74. says

    I want this book so badly lol – I love OAMC and need some new recipes. I make an awesome chicken casserole called rainy day chicken from the Once a Month Cooking book by Mary Beth Lagerborg…..It’s a tried & true recipe for us. My family gobbles it down. OAMC is how we stay within our budget each month :)

  75. mary says

    I have just recently been freezing cheese. The kraft already grated kind. When On sale I buy alot and freeze. It is very convenient.

  76. sarah n says

    I have good luck making pizza dough in big batches and freezing it. We have pizza every Friday night, so I look forward to the ease of prep on those nights!

  77. Amanda C says

    I love filling my freezer with pre-made meals. Chili and spaghetti freeze nicely.

  78. Tina says

    I love freezer cooking and I’m always looking for new recipes! My favorite things to freeze are manicotti and twice baked potatoes with spinach. Yum!

  79. Jill Karrer says

    The only things I’ve ever really frozen are bread & meat. I would like to know how to freeze pre-made dishes.

  80. Jami Lynn says

    I just completed my very first freezer cooking session about a week ago. I LOVED it, and I just know this book would be extremely helpful next month!

  81. Janet F says

    There is so much I could learn about freezer cooking. I did just freeze some blueberries!

  82. Heather T. says

    I love to freeze leftover soups then when I go to work I can just grab them and go, but I would love to learn more on the freezing meals for the month. With 3 young boys it would help out a lot.

  83. Andrea says

    I freeze baked cookies as an easy addition to a lunch or as an easy snack for my husband who prefers them frozen

  84. says

    I have been involved in a meal exchange with 5 other families, making 5 batches of food to freeze for future meals. Was interested in learning how to freeze breakfast items and noodle type dishes. Thanks and enjoy your website!

  85. Melissa H says

    I freeze stuffed shells and pulled pork after they are cooked. Both make a tasty last minute meal in a pinch.

  86. Alicia says

    I have been dying to try freezer cooking but I’m scared and this book seems like it’s just what I need!

  87. Yvonne says

    I don’t really know how to freeze much other than meats, poultry, etc. Tried milk once my family didn’t care for it. I would LOVE to learn how to do this. I work full time and our budget falls to the wayside from eating out.

  88. Stephanie G says

    I’m had success with freezing marinated chicken so it’s ready to throw straight on the grill when it’s thawed out and it’s super tasty that way

  89. Julie B says

    Before my youngest son was born a few months ago I froze lots of chicken breasts in marinade. I put 2 in a small ziplock bag with marinade. Let them sit in the fridge for 12 hours and then tossed in the freezer. They were so handy because I could thaw the bags quickly in the sink.

  90. Dory says

    I’ve never tried true freezer cooking, however I do freeze the leftover broth (from roasting chicken and hams in the crock pot) for use in soups and such. Can’t wait to try!

  91. Leah says

    Whenever I make soup, I make a double batch and freeze the rest for a quick and easy dinner later.

  92. Rachel says

    Whenever I see bell peppers on the reduced price rack I buy them, at home I slice them into strips and freeze them (I do the same thing with onions). I cannot believe what a difference it made in preparing meals, it is such a time saver, not to mention money saver.
    I would really like to learn how to freeze individual meals though. I try to make meals for my grandfather and for a friends family because their mother died and I really want to make sure they are eating the best they can.

  93. says

    We just froze some sweet corn we blanched. It will be good this winter. I have done little lasagna rolls in the past that were good but would love to have some great recipes.

  94. Teresa says

    One of my favorite things to freeze is cake mix cookies. You can make them in SOOOO many flavors and only cook a few at a time!!


  95. Candace says

    I freeze everything I can buy in bulk: cheeses, egg whites (my mother taught me to use an ice cube tray, one white per cube section until frozen, then put into bags or foil), cooked rice that I re-steam to heat up, cooked sauces, etc. But I haven’t done much with cooked, prepared meals that I freeze, except when I make gumbo. I always make extra and freeze it.

  96. Carrie Halford says

    I absolutely would love to win this book!!! I have had alot of success with freezing the following meals or items:

    breakfast burritos ( a huge hit at my work)
    chicken pot pie
    mashed potatoes!!

  97. Amanda Y. says

    We just freeze meat mostly now, but when we make some room in our freezer, we’re planning to try making meals 2 weeks at a time to freeze them.

  98. Amy says

    We freeze pot pie w/o the crust and just add the crust from the fridge before baking. It turns out great!

  99. says

    I am trying to get into freezer cooking and just froze my meatloaf, Frontier Chowder (soup) and Bourbon Flank Steak. I know the meatloaf and soup will turn out alright, I’m crossing my fingers with the Bourbon Flank Steak. I think it should come out alright.

    I’d like to know if my Chicken Bolo Gai will freeze OK. It is excellent fresh, but because you fry it in butter before baking it, I’m not sure if that will turn out OK.

  100. Jennifer says

    I have heard great things about this book! I freeze cooked and spiced pinto beans for quick enchiladas/tostadas.

  101. Sheryl says

    I freeze meat marinara. I can definitely see why it would be a huge time saver to freeze meal.

  102. Jill says

    I’d like freezer meal recipes that are healthy and tips on how to successfully freeze raw potatoes in recipes so they don’t darken.

    I freeze cookie dough balls on a cookie sheet then put them in a freezer bag. This way I can take out as many cookie balls as I want and have fresh baked cookies in no time!

  103. Susan says

    I would like to learn more about freezing vegetables such as corn and green beans. Since I have recently become disabled I have more time on my hands so I am making sure that I am cooking more healthy meals. This is easy during the summer months but I would like to freeze some of my vegetables for use during the winter. I have started to make strawberry freezer jam with my daughter just like my Mom and Grandma did with me when I was younger. This is impressive for me because I just started to enjoy cooking :)

  104. Debbie says

    I usually freeze fruit and all kinds of jam. I recently made freezer burritos and would like more freezer recipes so this would be perfect!!

  105. says

    I have had great success freezing lasagna and most things made with red sauce. I would like to learn how to freeze things that are not casseroles.

  106. says

    I love to make cookie dough with my daughter and freeze it in small portions. That way we can make quick cookies anytime.

  107. Debbie says

    I have not frozen much as of yet, but are inspiring to learn to do more. I would love to be able to pull a meal out of the freezer and be done!

  108. Debbie says

    My garden has tons of tomatoes that are going to all ripen at the same time. I would love to know how to freeze and use them.

  109. Dawn Trumbull says

    I love to freeze and I just froze freezer jam and will soon be doing sweet corn. I want to learn to freeze meals to make things a little easier for family right now. My husband had a bone marrow transplant in Cleveland and we spend a lot of time in Cleveland. I want to be prepared when he gets home and this book would be a big help.

  110. Donna Brazill says

    With an overabundance of zucchini last summer. I was surprised to find out you can freeze shredded zucchini. I froze in amounts according to the recipes I use. It was great to bake zucchini bread in the winter and not have to heat up the kitchen in the summer!

  111. stacy neglio says

    I would like to learn about bulk freezer cooking and how to make variations so that not everything is red sauced based. Interested in saving time and money with the freezer.

  112. Jennifer Latiolais says

    I would love to find more wheat/gluten free recipes that are able to be frozen

  113. tina goins says

    I have just started doing freezer meals and would like some recipes for soups.

  114. cheryl says

    I freeze meatballs, mini meatloaf, cookie dough balls and buckeyes ready to be dipped. I would love tried and true easy freezer main dishes. :)

  115. Brittany says

    I freeze cookies, bread, slushies, meals, etc. I would love the new book to give a boost and help me out with some new recipes.

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