Backpack Treks: Our Visit to Faith’s Farm

I had mentioned before that I was going to start a new series on the blog called “Backpack Treks.” These are just little adventures that I take with the kids that I thought I’d share to possibly inspire you to find some fun activities to do with your children, as well.

I’ve been slowly switching our family over to more Organic foods. It’s a really, really slow process but one that I feel will be worth it in the end. It’s kind of like starting all over again as far as learning prices, testing out brands, finding great coupon sources for them and just learning what’s good and what’s not.

The first thing I wanted to do was to find a great source for our meats. I had searched the sites of localharvest. org and to find farms within a reasonable driving distances. After reading To Buy or Not to Buy Organic…, I knew that I didn’t need to solely look for Organic but I could also find some sustainable farms that would work, as well. I kept coming back to this place called Faith’s Farm in Bonfield, Illinois. So I called up and had a nice chat with the farmer there, Kim.

She shared a lot of info with me and since I was interested in buying meats from them, offered me a tour of their place so I could see for myself where my food was coming from and the kind of environment the animals lived in there. She said it was the perfect time to come as there were a lot of farm babies that my kids could see.

So we set out for our tour with the kids just bursting with excitement at seeing the “cows, pigs and chickens.” While we were waiting for Kim, the kids watched the pigs and piglets eat. Next thing we knew, Kim brought out a baby bunny for them to hold.

Nathan and Kaydi were both in 7th Heaven since they are big fans of the cartoon, “Max and Ruby.”

Moving around the farm, we saw the chicken house and cows in the pasture. Then we came upon the baby ducks.

Nathan couldn’t believe it when Kim let him hold one.

Then we saw the turkeys, goat and the biggest pig I’d ever seen. The last stop was the other chicken house where the babies had recently hatched.

Kaydi couldn’t get over how many there were and loved petting them.

While the kids (and us!) all had a great time, the important reason for this visit was Organic meats. I bought several different cuts to try. The ones we’ve tried so far have been amazing! I’m convinced that I want in on a share of them that come available this fall/winter.

So if you are thinking about switching yourself, check online and you might find a local farmer near you to buy from. Most of them are willing to give a tour of their farms for serious Customers. Not only will you get some great food and support a local farmer, but you’ll also get a very fun family outing along with it–and possibly a little farming knowledge, too!

As far as Faith’s Farm, I do recommend them to anyone in the Chicagoland area that lives nearby. A big thanks to Kim for her hospitality and a great farm tour!