Ways to Earn Extra SwagBucks

When I was chatting with some readers, a lot of them didn’t know about these ways to earn some extra SwagBucks, so I thought I’d share them for everyone.

Ways to Earn Extra SwagBucks

1) Download the SwagBucks toolbar. Each morning when you login, you’ll receive Free SwagBucks. It’s typically just one, but that adds up to 30-31 free SwagBucks a month for doing basically nothing.

2) Once you download the SwagBucks toolbar, keep your eye on the “From TSG” envelope on it. I always keep mine at (0) now so I can tell when a new one pops-up. From time to time, they’ll add a free code in there worth various points. These only last a few hours so you have to be quick.

3) Take the Daily Polls. Under “Ways to Earn” select Daily Polls. There’s a question there that takes all of 10 seconds to answer and you’ll receive a SwagBuck for voting.

4) View No Obligation Offers. Under “Ways to Earn” select “Special Offers.” When that screen pops up, click on “Go Now” under “View Our No Obligation Offers and Win SwagBucks” off to the right. They’ll show you some offers, but you can simply skip past them, if they don’t interest you. After viewing a few, they’ll give you another free SwagBuck.

5) Check the “Swidget” for a Special Code. You’ll find this under “Promote” and Widget, if you want to add it to Facebook, Twitter, etc. But you can find it, for right now, on my blog on my right sidebar. Click on the “SC” button to see if there’s a Special Code at that time. They are randomly there and I’ll post about when I see there’s a code there.

6) Follow SwagBucks on Twitter, Facebook and their blog. They’ll often mention when they’ve hidden a code somewhere for Free SwagBucks.

7) Make sure you do your online searches with them, especially on Fridays. Fridays are “Mega SwagBucks Days” and your chances of winning higher amounts are increased.

These are the extra ways to earn SwagBucks that should earn you at least 100 extra SwagBucks a month. Remember, it only takes 450 SwagBucks to get a $5 Amazon Gift Card.

Not signed up for SwagBucks yet? You can sign-up and get 30 Free SwagBucks just for joining when you go through this link. You’ll earn SwagBucks for doing your online searches through them, along with finding free codes and the ways I mentioned above. It’s a great way to earn gift cards or other prizes throughout the year. They are my favorite free online program.

UPDATE: Several of my readers have added comments that they have had really good luck earning extra SwagBucks for doing the surveys. Thanks for sharing!

Also, don’t forget to add your birthdate to your account as they’ll give you 50 Free SwagBucks for your birthday!