Gardening Fun: My Latest Garden Pics

It’s been awhile since I posted a garden update. I wanted to wait until I had my Square Foot Garden all assembled and some plants in before I posted a new one. I’ve been reading and following the All New Square Foot Gardening: Grow More in Less Space! book over the last six weeks or so. I had a really hard time finding the certified asbestos-free vermiculite for “Mel’s Mix” so I had to proceed without it. (I’m in no way recommending this, though, as I don’t know how it will turn out.) I have some really rich Organic Soil, Organic Compost and Peat Moss for Organic Gardening, so I’m hoping I’ll be OK. Things are growing really well so far as you can see from the picture below: (The strawberry patch isn’t pictured in this one, as it’s in a separate area.)

My hubby was busy putting together our large swing-set for the kids so he bought me a two-tiered raised bed from Gardener’s Supply Company for Mother’s Day. I really loved the green color that blends in with the yard and I like how one side is 6″ inches deep, while the other is 12″ deep so I can place deeper-growing plants in there without any worries. Since I like how the square-foot gardening is going, I’ll have him build me two more 4×4 boxes next year. So I’ll keep my eye out for some lumber sales before then. (Who knows, maybe I’ll convince him to build me a set this year!) :)  So far, the wood lath that we used for the grid is working really well.

I planted mostly Organic Seeds but for the Tomatoes and Peppers, I purchased Organic Transplants, since I was a little late in getting started. (They were actually 50% Off when I went to buy them, so I got really lucky there!)  I’m quite amazed at how fast everything is growing! Below is a picture from a few weeks back of our lettuce:

What I like about the square foot gardening is that it really reduces weeds. I’ve had a couple that seemed to have blown in or something. What’s nice is, since the seeds are in their grid spots (like in sets of 16 or 9), I can tell where a weed is really easily and not have to worry if I’m pulling out a growing plant.

The kids are having a fun time watering the garden and picking a few of the foods that were ready, such as strawberries and radishes. (Those are both great plants to grow with kids, if you are looking for something fairly easy.) We were all sad when the strawberry growing season ended for us.

I’m amazed at how many plants were listed for fall. I was always thinking that if I didn’t get anything going by summer, that I was done for the year since it’s so cold here. But I can still get in some things this fall in some of my square foot spots that open up.

I’m hoping that you are all having great luck with your gardens, as well! Make sure you check out Teresa’s Gardening Pictures from this week, too!

UPDATE: Some of you asked to see the swing-set. It’s pictured below:

The box said 20-40 hrs of assembly with two people and my hubby assembled the entire thing himself, with only help from a neighbor to hold the roof and slide top while he drilled them in. It took a long, long time to build! So you can see why he didn’t want to build a garden bed during it! What you are looking at is my 2010 Vacation. :)

When we found the deal, we decided to buy it rather than taking a family vacation (that the kids would be too young to remember) and get this for them instead.  It was on some crazy one-day deal. We were lucky enough to get the last one they had. It’s made for a lot of great family memories every day so I’m glad we invested in it. We don’t seem to mind missing out on that vacation!

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  1. says


    Your garden looks amazing and I absolutely LOVE the payset!! That will bring so many precious memories!!

    Love ya,


  2. maureen says

    that swingset is the bomb!! where on earth did you buy that?? i bet the kids will love that!!

  3. coupongeek says

    It really is a nice swingset. We were so fortunate to have the money on hand when the crazy sale hit. We got it at our ToysRUs. They had a deal on it just on one Sunday. We got there at like 10:30AM and got the last one!!!

    The kids have been having a blast with it. We had a little plastic one that I got off eBay. We got our money out of it so we just gave it to our new neighbors. (They are soo sweet!) So now all of our kids are having a good summer! So blessed how everything worked out.

  4. Erika says

    I just got your website info this afternoon so I’m just taking my first peek at it. It looks good so far!! I am also following Mel’s square foot gardening tech. for the first time this year as well. I found my Vermiculite at our local farmer’s co-op. I live very close to a farming community, so that was pretty close for me. If I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure it was quite inexpensive as well ($12 for a giant bag seems to come to mind, but it was back in March when I bought it, so that might not be completely accuarate?). Good luck! My kids have been loving the gardening this so far (almost as much as I am). I even got them to try mint & peas already!

  5. coupongeek says

    Hi Erika!

    Welcome! I am hoping that our garden will have the same effect on our kids—trying new things. So far, so good!

    I never thought to look at a Farmer’s Co-op. Thank you for the tip! I’ll check them out when I do my next set of boxes. If I find some, maybe there’s a way to work some in to what I already have, too. $12 is very reasonable.

    Hope you enjoy the site regularly and love having you visit and share. Thank you!


  6. says

    The swingset is awesome! We have a much smaller version we found on a similar TRU Sunday sale last yr & my 2 girls just love it! Definitely a must if you have the space.

    And your garden looks great – I’ve never heard of the square foot gardening, but it looks like a good way to know exactly what you have in each spot & keep it all together. I’ll have to look into it. My hubby just got some container beds together finally last week, so we got a bit of a late start to our gardening, too. But, we just finished up spring weather – this is our first week of warm weather.

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