Coupons to Look For in Sunday’s Papers

Along with the inserts this week, here are a few coupons to make sure you look to see if are in your papers. Coupons vary by region so you may or may not have them.

Parade Magazine: There’s a $3 Off Olay Pro-X Facial Mostuizer or Facial Cleanser Coupon (excludes trial sizes)

Target Ad: Ours had a $10 Gift Card with purchase of new or transferred prescription

For Inserts: Ours had three this week: Redplum, Smart Source and P&G. There was also a flyer with lots of Steak and Shake coupons. Note: Several regions do not get the RedPlum insert anymore.

For those of you with a Menards nearby, ours sells the Chicago Tribune for only $1. (Normally $1.99 here.) They were actually there Saturday night and sold in displays at the front of the store and by the checkouts. I just wanted to share with you as you might get lucky and find them at your store, too. I’ve heard that some Dollar Tree stores have them for $1, as well.

Make sure you check with your family and friends on coupons. You might be surprised to find some of them don’t use some or all  of them. (But feel free to convince them to start!) I have some nice neighbors and family that share several coupons with me. You can also check with libraries, businesses or recycle bins for extras.

It was a good week to get some extra papers by us as there were three inserts and the P&G insert has a $2 Off Pampers Baby Wipes coupon which will get us some Free Baby Wipes. For those of you without little kids, consider using your coupon to get some wipes to donate, either to The Salvation Army, shelters or to schools. Several of our schools in the area use baby wipes in the classroom and even have them listed on the school supply lists.