Starting In June: Wednesday’s Reading Day

One of my favorite activities to do with my kids is to read to them. I’ve even designated a special area in our house with a giant chair that we curl up on and read book, after book, after book. Sometimes, I’ll even have to tell them, “OK, no more books for right now,” as they are just like me when it comes to my passion for reading.

After seeing how much joy books have brought to my kids, I wanted to do a little summer reading giveaway on the blog, in hopes that the readers that win will also get to share some amazing moments with their kids, as well.

So every Wednesday throughout the summer from June – August, I will be sharing a book that I’m reading with my kids and then doing a giveaway for two of my readers to win a book for their child. I wish I could offer more than just two winners but this is just sponsored by me and not another company. But here’s the cool part–I’m going to let the winners pick their own book choice for their prize. This way, I know the children will get something that they can each truly love and connect with.

So make sure you tune in and enter those giveaways so you can try to get a new book to read to a child that you love–be it your own, a grandchild, a nephew/niece or even just one of your friend’s children.

And I hope that you’ll share your favorites with us throughout the summer. Remember to keep checking for my monthly book picks from Read With Us, as well. Each month I giveaway two copies of the book that I’m reading that month.