Read With Us: My May Pick

The year before my son was born, one of my hubby’s co-workers asked if we’d like part of a share in some organic hamburger that their family was getting from a cow they had raised. They were so generous and we only paid $2 a pound. Can you imagine?! Well it was indeed the best hamburger I’ve ever bought–I only wish I could always find it for that price. :)

After my son was born, I started switching our dairy products, some veggies and other items to organic, as well. Sadly, I didn’t keep up with it because I was really getting deep into couponing and I started buying up regular products again since I could get them so inexpensively.

But after chit-chatting with my friends Keri Lyn and Susan for awhile, I’ve decided that I wanted to get back to working on getting more and more of our food from local and Organic sources. But I also knew that if you aren’t careful, you can end up spending more than your budget allows in the switching process.

So I started digging around for a book with some advice on Organics. I stumbled upon this one on Amazon:

To Buy or Not to Buy Organic: What You Need to Know to Choose the Healthiest, Safest, Most Earth-Friendly Food

What I loved about this book is that in the back, there’s a chart that the author has created that helps you determine if an item would be better bought organically, locally or not. I’m kind of using that as a guide for now, but I have really enjoyed all the information that’s shared throughout the book.

Another of my hubby’s co-workers belongs to a CSA and she was so generous to let us pick up her share this week to see what came in one, as she was out-of-town for the week. (Thanks so much, Laura!!) I was so excited to see a fresh batch of rhubarb in there which then turned into a fun baking time with me and my son as we made this rhubarb strawberry pie recipe: (Not too bad for my first pie ever!)

We are also checking into a local farm for our meats and more. The kids are pretty excited about the trip to see the “pigs, chickens and cows” and it’s all they can talk about this week. As I find out more info on local farms, farmers markets, etc I’ll share these with you. And if you have found one either in the Chicagoland area or  elsewhere, feel free to leave the info as a comment on this posting so my other readers can check out those farms/farmer’s markets. Some of my friends have had success finding places through Eat Wild, Pick Your Own or Local Harvest.

I enjoyed reading this book so much that I even bought my MIL and SIL a copy for Mother’s Day. I hope that you are taking time out this month to getting in a little reading time for yourself, as well. And remember, I always give away two copies of what I’m reading each month so stayed tuned for the giveaway!