Gardening Fun: What’s Currently Blooming

Not much was going on in our garden area last week.  But a few things are popping up in our flower garden area and I thought I’d take a quick moment to share some pics.

This is a forsythia bush. It is actually one of the first things that blooms in our landscaping–even before the tulips. When we first bought our house, I saw these blooming in other yards and I just had to get a couple. They take some maintenance to keep trimmed if you have a smaller area but they are really pretty when in full bloom.

This is the very first lilac bud that I’ve had. It bloomed Thursday and my son picked it and brought it in to me. It was the best surprise! I’ll take lilacs over flowers any day.–they are my faves!

And I finally had one tulip that graced us with its beauty. I love how they open and close depending on the weather.

I’m trying to decide what to do about our front landscaping. I love the look of mulch as it seems a little more natural but it keeps blowing away causing me to buy more each spring. Overall, investing in rock might save us money but I’m not sure I want to go with that look. For those of you with mulched landscaping, do you have to replace yours often, as well?

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  1. DeB says

    Jaycie, where are you at that you have forsythias growing? I live near Forsyth, GA, the forsythia capitol. :) You should see it here in March when they are in full bloom everywhere! It’s beautiful! You’d love the Forsythia festival here! :)

  2. Randi says

    I mulched the areas on the side of my grandmothers house, and the front of the house about 2 years ago. I have added one bag to each spot since then. She does sweep it back into place each week, and we placed thin wood barriers at the edge of each site to kinda “hold” the mulch in.

  3. CJ says

    I usually have to replace my cypress mulch every 2 years, if not every year. Where does it go?? There is mulch made from shredded tires, probably lasts forever but I dont like the way it looks.

  4. Amy says

    I would talk to your local nursery and see if they can suggest a different size or kind of bark mulch. Local garden clubs are also a place to go for ideas, gardeners love to share ideas!

    Once you use rocks they are hard to get back out. No matter how careful you are when digging or moving plants they seem to get worked into the soil. We bought a house with black plastic and rocks for mulch. Seven years later we still get a few bucket fulls out every year.

  5. coupongeek says

    I am in the Chicago area, Deb. I’ve never heard of a Forsythia festival! That sounds like fun. I may have to put that on my “trips to see someday” along with the Lilac festival at Mackinac Island, MI! :)

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. coupongeek says

    Amy–good advice on the rocks, thank you! I never thought of them becoming such a permanent part of the property. I think you’ve convinced me to stay with the mulch!

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one that has a “disappearing mulch” problem. :) Randi–I’ll have to see what kind of barriers we can use. We don’t have any right now.

    CJ–I’ve never seen the shredded tires mulch. I agree with you, though, I think I’d like the look of the cypress mulch better.

    I should see if places that chop wood have discounted pieces.

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