Gardening Fun: Successes and Failures

When Teresa and I were chatting about what we were going to share for our postings this week, I told her that mine would probably just be a sad picture of my mostly-dead seedling babies:

I was heartbroken this week when all but about 6 of seedlings died. I was so sad on the ones that didn’t survive that I almost let myself forget just how much fun my son and I had planting those! You can see three of the six survivors pictured. I’m not quite sure what went wrong. There could have been not enough sunlight in the window where they were. Or maybe I took the greenhouse lid off too soon. Or it could have been that one cold night that might have drafted in too much cold air for them. I just don’t have the answer. But here’s what I do know, gardening is a series of successes and failures. We can’t let the failures take away the fun of gardening or we’ll never get to experience the joy of all those successes.

What was very ironic is that same day Teresa and I were chatting…I found something completely uplifting outside. It was a nice warm day so the kids and I were playing outdoors. I was picking away some dead plants from last year’s garden and then I saw them…..strawberry plants:

I had completely forgotten that I had planted them late last year. I am hoping that they will bloom here in June but we’ll see what happens. I also found all my plant markers from last year:

It made me remember that I had successfully planted tomatoes, green peppers and jalapeno plants last year. So you see, gardening is not about a 100% success rate (though that would be nice!) but it’s about just enjoying the times when you are successful and just remembering the fun that comes with gardening.

I hope that you are keeping your spirits high on your gardening endeavors, too! Make sure you check out Teresa’s gardening successes and failures. I’m tempted to grow some alfalfa sprouts now!

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  1. Daniella says

    Any tips on how to keep squirrels out of the garden? They ate my strawberries last year:o(

  2. coupongeek says

    My Mom asked me the same question. :) The deer and squirrels keep eating her fruit trees. I’ll look into an answer. I’m sure you won’t like how I do it—buy two big golden retrievers to chase them away. :) Most animals stay clear of our yard, including bunnies, as I guess word got around through the animal kingdom that some very fast dogs are in that backyard.


  3. Lauren says

    If you plant marigolds around your garden it will keep the deer away, not too sure about the squirrels tho… my dog keeps those at bay for the most part.

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