Gardening Fun: A Few More Blooms

We are still working on getting my gardening area dug up and ready to get all the plants in. I’m hoping it will be nice over the Mother’s Day weekend here soon to get it all finished and ready to go.

So this week, I thought I’d share a few of my other plants in case you were looking for any landscaping ideas.

This is a Japanese Red Maple Tree. It’s so gorgeous, especially when the sun shines down on it and brings out the red in the leaves. I’ve had several people walking and driving by that have stopped to ask us what kind of tree it is so they can buy one, too.

These little purple flowers are called creeping phlox. They actually come in different colors. They tend to be used more for a ground cover as they have a tendency to spread and fill in your landscaping. This little guy is a fighter. We transferred all of the phlox, or so I thought, and yet this spring, it popped out of no where.

These are the irises that I promised I’d share the bloom pictures with you. I have a several different colored varieties of these. These vibrant purple ones really pop out in the landscaping.

And here’s my favorite thing to share this week….my first strawberry bloom! The kids were so excited when I showed it to them. It will be fun to watch it transform into a nice little red one.

So my goals for this week are to add more mulch to my flower bed area to replace what was carried away last year. I’ve decided not to go with the square boxes so I’m also going to meet with a gardening center to get everything we’ll need to turn my clay soil into a fabulous vegetable garden.

I’d love to learn how to can and preserve so I might see if our local college has one of those short classes on that subject. Though, I think I may have a source of someone that can teach me directly. We’ll see what happens.

I’m hoping you are enjoying the great outdoors and getting in a little gardening, too! Don’t forget to check out Teresa’s posting this week. She also shares a little on how she composts.

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  1. Amy says

    You should check your local extension office for classes. There are also tons of great books out there that explain the process step by step and have a lot of great recipes. The Complete Book of Small Batch Preserving and The Complete Book Of Home Preserving from Ball are two that I picked up from Costco last year and would definitely recommend.

  2. coupongeek says


    Thank you so much for the recommendations. I’ve got those on my list to check out from my library now. I’d love to teach myself. It might be kind of fun!


  3. Luanne says

    I was just on houseparty website (I was one of the lucky ones chosen for the Shrek party) They have a Ball house party and you get 1 Ball® Collection Elite® Stainless Steel Waterbath Canner with Canning Rack 1 Ball® 4-Piece Utensil Set
    1 NEW! Ball® Canning Discovery Kit
    2 Ball Blue Book® Guide to Preserving — the go-to book for beginners
    Coupons for Jars
    Product Samples
    Special Salsa and Pepper Jelly Recipes and More! ….it could be a start to your canning adventures

  4. says

    Your garden is beautiful.

    One of my favorite preserving books is “Stocking Up”. Lots of great recipes and tips.

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