Weekly Store Deals Round-Up

There are several store chains out there and it’s impossible for any one blogger to find/type them all up. I have been so blessed to have several bloggers help me in creating a compiled list of store chains with weekly deals for them. You can check out the list HERE. Hopefully you’ll find a store near you! Several more have been added since last week.

If you’d like to be added to this list, please read my posting HERE.

This will be posted each Sunday along with a link for those that just do random deals or do not want to be added to the list. For random deals, please feel free to leave a linky that’s to the posting and not your homepage.

Thank you to everyone for helping my readers in saving money at the stores near them!

(Bloggers: If you sent over a request and don’t see it listed, please email me again. It might have got lost in the shuffle. Note: I have a few more that I will be adding this evening. So you might see your blog listed then.)