Read With Us: My March Pick

This month, I took a step away from fiction and decided to focus some reading time on learning more about saving money. I love reading new ideas about how to stretch your dollars. And it’s always good to get some extra inspiration at making the most of what you have.

One thing I love about Amazon is that they give you recommendations for items similar to your past purchases or recommend items that other people have purchased based on what item you are viewing. I was on a mission to find a book on healthy recipes and I stumbled onto Healthy Meals for Less: Great-Tasting Simple Recipes Under a $1 a Serving written by Jonni McCoy. I really did like the recipes in that book so when Amazon recommended:

Miserly Moms: Living Well on Less in a Tough Ecomony written by the same author, I was eager to see what it was all about.

I’m a little over halfway through the book and I’m loving it so far. There’s a lot of good advice and I’m learning quite a bit. I definitely recommend adding it to a “library list.” If you find out that it’s one that you think you’ll reference quite a bit, Amazon currently has it on a “Bargain Price” for only $5.20.

As with all of my “Read With Us” picks, I not only send a copy to my Mom but I also do a giveaway for a chance for two of my lucky readers to win one. So stay tuned for that posting! And if you do read this one, I hope that you enjoy it and find some good money-saving advice.