Plan Your Full Moon Walk Tonight

Photo Credit: Coupon Geek

Tonight’s a Full Moon. That means you can get in a “Full Moon Walk” with your family. We did this last year and had a lot of fun.

I read about the idea on Money Saving Maine-ac. Teresa started this tradition with her family after reading Walk When the Moon Is Full by Francis Hamerstrom. It’s an older book and some libraries don’t carry it. When I looked at pricing, I couldn’t find it under $30 last year. (luckily my library was able to get me a copy) Surprising, there are some sellers on Amazon that have it for $10 or so shipped right now. I picked up a copy to put with the photo album I’m making for the kids in hopes that they’ll also carry on the tradition with their families.

My kids get a kick out of seeing how the world looks through the light of the moon. And my son loves playing with the flashlights and exploring.

If you do venture out, make sure that you always use your best judgment to keep yourself and your family safe. I’m hoping you’ll make some fun memories, too. I’ll share some pictures of ours later this week. I’m so excited that the weather is finally warm enough to do this again!