Gardening Fun: Seedlings Already!

I never thought that a week after I posted that we planted our seeds that so many of them would have sprouted already! I wish I had caught on videotape my son’s excitement when he noticed them and started shouting, “Plants! Plants!” Every little second that went into planting those tiny, near microscopic seeds was worth it just for that moment. Check out our new little sprouts:

That happened on Tuesday and for the last few days, he keeps running over to them throughout the day to peek in to see if they’ve grown even more. I think he may have seen one too many cartoons with “Jack and the Beanstalk” type story lines making him think they’d grow even faster! We’ll need to do a little “thinning” yet since more than one sprout came up in some of them. Teresa does a great job of explaining all of that in her posting. I’m so glad to have her advice on all of the gardening stuff!

In an attempt to get some fresh air yesterday, the kids and I took a quick walk around the yard to see if anything was blooming/budding yet. Here’s what we found:

A tulip making its way into the world….

A cluster of Irises getting ready to grow. These are so beautiful! I’ll show you some pictures of them when they bloom. Every year I get a neighbor/friend asking me what they are so they can grow some. I need to split some this year so I’ll be sharing those with them!

And I saved my favorite for last – Lilacs! The one thing I knew I was going to have when I bought my first house were some lilac bushes! Some friends gave me some starters and they are now to the point where they’ll have a lot of blooms this year. One of these years, I’m going to have my hubby take me to Mackinac Island in Michigan for their Lilac Festival. We used to vacation there a lot when we lived in Michigan but never during that time of year.

I’m hoping that you all are able to get in a little seed planting fun with your kids. It’s a fun time watching as they grow little by little each day. And take a little time away from the daily activities to explore your own yard. We saw several other things but I’m saving those findings for another posting. :)

Also, I wanted to share with you a site I found a few years back called Pick Your It has several locations listed of where you can find farmstands and even some farms that let you pick your own. I miss out on strawberry picking every year as I forget their season is so early (May-June and as early as April in some states.) I’m hoping to get a day of strawberry picking in with the kids and my family this year. I’ll try to keep you updated on what is coming in season next. And a good book to add to your library list is Simply in Season (World Community Cookbook.) It’s a good book for finding recipes for things that are in season in your garden. I picked mine up on a good deal at the end of last summer. The pages/recipes are broken up by season and even color-coded for easy finding.

Don’t forget that you can enjoy more gardening info and pictures on Teresa’s site. She has a beautiful shot of some crocuses and some good tips for plants for beginners.