Gardening Fun: Planting Seeds with the Kids

So this week, the kids and I decided that we were going to work on getting some seeds started for our garden. After our library class, we headed over to Ace Hardware to see what kind of selection they offered. I love supporting the local businesses (and they are super friendly at ours) so that is why I chose to go there.

I let Nathan pick out several of them, as I thought that would make the experience more enjoyable for him to watch the plants that he chose as they grow. Some of the seeds said we could start indoors, while others said to wait to plant outside after the danger of frost is over. My FIL is a really great gardener and he always tells me to wait until around May 15th for most plants in our area. He’s never let me down with that advice so we’ll probably stick with it. He basically has two green thumbs so I trust his advice!

These are the seeds that we are going to plant now. I picked up some eggplant and tomatoes and I also grabbed some spearmint (for tea) and rosemary, as some of my recipes called for it. The kids can’t get enough cherry tomatoes so I had to pick up some of those. And I love the Roma tomatoes for tacos so I picked up a pack of them, as well.

These are mostly the ones that Nathan chose. He clung to the packet of Sunflowers like they were his baby. I’m really hoping those grow well after we plant them this spring. He also loved the Poppies and he chose the color of marigolds we’ll plant, as well. I also decided to try some zucchini from seeds, too.

I had saved up some yogurt and other containers to plant the seeds in but when I saw the “little greenhouse” that wasn’t very costly, I decided it would be the best route to go. It would just be easier for us to keep them all in one container and quicker to water. Don’t worry, I have other plans for the other containers I saved. :)

This is Nathan trying to fill the sections equally with dirt (can you tell he’s having fun?)

He had a blast watering down the dirt before we put the seeds in. I put our kitchen sink sprayer on real low and I was surprised at how well he did at making sure not to flood any of the sections—or the kitchen.

Next, he used the blunt end of a pen to create little holes for us to drop the seeds in. By this time, Kaydi had gone down for a nap, but she loved watching all that was going on up until then. It was a good thing she was napping as it took a lot of concentration to get those tiny little seeds into the dirt holes. Nathan did several of them and then I think he just got too antsy to help finish. But it was a nice little lesson in patience and hand-eye coordination. It’s hard picking up those little seeds, that’s for sure!

I watered everything down again after the seeds were planted, as it stated to do in the directions. This time, I didn’t let Nathan water them as I was afraid he’d flood the seeds out. Now we just wait for them to start growing and try to remember to water them often.

I’m hoping that the seeds will grow well. But if not, we still had a really fun time in planting them. I also had plenty of seeds left to share with a friend/family member so they can start a little garden, too.

I’m hoping that you are enjoying some gardening fun with your families, too. I’m hoping to show you some pictures of little plants here soon! Have any of you decided what you are going to plant this year? After seeing Teresa’s posting on rhubarb, I’m thinking maybe I should look into planting some this next year. I am a huge fan of strawberry rhubarb pie and I never think about growing it myself!