Current Fitness Clubs Discounts and Deals

For those of you that are debating joining a health/fitness clubs, there are some new offers out there right now for some of them.

NOTE: The Curves one has ended so I’m removing the banner ad. Sorry if you missed it!
Through the banner above, Curves is offering one week for free. Now, I actually used to go to Curves and loved it. I’m a little self-conscious about working out and I loved that it was an all-women center. I had fun chatting with the other members and found that the time there passed quickly and I started to look forward to those workout days more.

Through the banner above, Bally’s is offering a 7-day Member Pass–and also, 20 Free Songs if you join.

If you happen to have a Cardinal Fitness by you, they’ve reduced their joining fee to $1 right now. (Note: There’s also a one-time $20 processing fee, according to the site.) Plus they are offering a Free Cardinal Fitness 1-Day Guest Pass Printable Coupon.

Note: For all of these clubs, make sure you get all the details on fees before you sign-up. Don’t forget to read all that fine-print details about canceling, yearly fees, etc., etc.

My hubby actually joined a health club last month. We had been trying and trying to work in some exercise time for him in the evenings but it just wasn’t working out here at home. It’s so much easier for him to go before/after work or on the weekends and get in a few good workouts. When we debated the fees, we looked at it as an investment in his long-term health and being around for years and years to come for the kids! (That, to me, is priceless!!)