Amazon Prime: Free 1 Month Trial Membership

For those of you that are loving some of these Amazon deals that I’ve been sharing but don’t have Amazon Prime to cash in on the shipping savings, I’m happy to tell you that you can get a 1-Month Free Trial Membership to Amazon Prime again.

You can read all the details on Amazon Prime.

If you are worried about forgetting to cancel your membership before they charge, follow these steps before the trial runs out–I recommend doing it right after you sign-up: (Note: This is for new Customers only. If you’ve signed-up for the trial before, you cannot sign-up again.)

1) After you sign-up, go under Your Account (You’ll see it at the top right of the screen.)
2) Click on Manage Prime Membership.
3) Click on the “Do Not Renew” button.

I order so much, especially with those Amazon giftcards that I earn through SwagBucks, that I have a yearly membership. I find that through their savings and my gas savings from less shopping trips beyond pays for the membership very quickly.

So if you are interested in scooping up some free shipping for a month, check out the Amazon Prime Trial Offer

Thanks to Hilary for mentioning on my Coupon Geek Facebook Fan Page that this was available again.