Video: Rolling ECBs and RRs

I know that when you first start off shopping at CVS and Walgreens, learning how to “roll” Extra Care Bucks (ECBs) and Register Rewards (RRs) can get kind of confusing.

My sister-in-law sent me this great little video clip from a local Chicago station here where a reporter did a small “rolling” shopping trip series. I thought it might help you see a little on how it all works.

I’m hoping to get in a series here soon explaining it all and showing you a few trips I’ll make on how to start out. I’ve been waiting for the weather to warm up some because let me tell you, it’s not fun to shop when it’s 12 degrees and it’s almost considered a “heat wave.” :) But I promise I’ll get one going here soon. So stay tuned and check out the video for a little help in the meantime.

Also, I wrote up a posting on Register Rewards, Extra Care Bucks and Stacking Coupons. I’m hoping that will offer a little more help, as well.

Thanks for sharing the video, Jodi!

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  1. Amye says

    Dear CouponGeek,

    Awesome video link – thank you so much for posting it!!

    I’m an avid couponer for several years now, and I really feel like I’ve been missing out on so many savings opportunities by not “tackling” things like register rewards and ecb’s.

    As with most things, the reason I hadn’t started doing this yet was due to my sheer lack of knowledge about it, and the fear of screwing it up!!

    Now I feel a little bit better equipped to take on the challenge! :-)
    Thanks again,

  2. coupongeek says

    Hi Amye!

    I loved watching this video clip and I actually know how to roll these things. It’s just so fun to see other people doing it, too.

    I’m hoping my series on how to get started will help out a lot, too. I think it will roll-out around March.

    Thanks for sharing!

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