Target Lookout Alert: Discounted Bulk Items

I’ve noticed that a few of our Targets have been drastically discounting their bulk items from 50-75% off. I’m not sure if they are bringing in new items or just doing away with selling the bulk packages. (I’m guessing it’s the latter, though.)

I got lucky and they had a few items that I was actually almost out of, so it was really profitable for me to grab them. I snagged these:

20 Pack of Dial Moisture Balance Soap for $3.84 – About $.19 a bar. –  I’ll share these with my family.

30 Pack of Quaker Oatmeal for $3.84 – This is normally the price for a 10 pack in our area

4 – 8.4oz Edge Sensitive Skin Shave Gel for $4.24 – $1.06 a bottle isn’t a bad price!

12 Giant Premium Paper Towel Rolls for $6.74 – About $.56 a roll. This will literally last me a year as I try not to use paper towels any more.  I only bring them out for parties and play-dates.

24 Triple Rolls (72 regular roll size) of Charmin Ultra Soft for $8.98. – A little over $.12 a roll, figuring reg. roll size.

I hope that you are able to find some of these deals at your local Target, as well. Remember that clearance sales vary greatly by store and region. I’m just sharing these so you can check yours on your next trip.