SwagBucks Birthday Party: Code for New Users and Offers for Everyone

SwagBucks turned 2 and they are ready to let us all share in their birthday celebration! I’ve got a little info to share with you and I’ll start with what you might notice in your account today–Your numbers are all multiplied by 10! Now before you get too excited, everything is multiplied by 10. :)

You can now earn up to 1,000 referral points per sign-up but the value of the prizes is also 10 times higher. So a $5 Amazon Gift Card is now 450 Swagbucks instead of 45. The reason they are doing this is so that they can give away even more SwagBucks!

Starting today and through 6AM PST March 4th, those that are new to SwagBucks and sign-up will receive 60 SwagBucks with code COUPONGEEK1. (It’s case-sensitive so be sure and enter the letters in caps.) You just go HERE to sign-up, enter the code and you’ll automatically start off with those 60 SwagBucks and on your way to earning a giftcard or prize. This is a special code for my Coupon Geek readers. (Normally, you’d only get 30 points for signing-up. So take advantage of getting double this week!) Please note: This is for new sign-ups not existing members.

Here is some info about the new SwagBucks:

1) More ways to earn Swag Bucks every day: With Swagbucks.com 3.0 users will be able to earn by having their toolbar visible on their browser and also by simply viewing the ‘No Obligation’ special offers. This means that in addition to all the regular ways to earn, the more you are engaged with Swagbucks.com, the more you will earn!

2) New look home page and Swag Store & rewards store: Swagbucks.com 3.0 includes a revamped, cleaner interface that will provide a better user experience.

3) Launch of the Swagstakes Portal: As you may know they currently run about a dozen on-going sweepstakes (called Swagstakes) at any given time. With the launch of 3.0 they are going to have a brand new, fully stocked Swagstakes portal in which there will be dozens of Swagstakes running at all times! Some contests will be limited entry (meaning a set number of entries will be offered) so the odds for a user to win are greater. The tentative list of items that will be offered during initial launch should include: $100 Amazon Gift Cards, Sony Bravia 32″ TV, Amazon Kindle, Apple iPod Touch, Flip Ultra HD Camera, Panasonic Blu Ray with Remote, Apple iPad, Sopranos Complete Series Box Set, Rachel Ray 10 piece cookware set, Playstation 3 system + games bundle, Canon Powershot Camera, Seinfeld Complete Series DVD box Set, Viziio 22″ LCD TV and plenty more!

They are giving away lots of SwagBucks today. So if you normally don’t do your searches through them, today’s the day. Make sure you use their toolbar (it only takes a minute to install) and check them out on Twitter and Facebook. I’ll do my best to keep my eyes open for Free SwagBucks locations to share with you.

SwagBucks is one of my favorite online programs. I often win SwagBucks just from my searches. It’s one program that I recommend my readers join so that you can enjoy all the free code locations that I share throughout the year.

And if you find a SwagBucks code location, be sure to share it on this posting or on my Coupon Geek Facebook Page or Twitter. Just remember—you can’t share the code, just the location. (as those are the rules that SwagBucks has set up for all of us.)

Thank you for stopping by Coupon Geek! I value my readers and their advice, tips and comments. Please remember that Coupon Geek is a positive, family-friendly and upbeat site when leaving your comments.


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    Hi Jaycie!
    How fun that you are able to help newbies get swagbucks! I shared this on my FB so hopefully there’ll be more Swaggernauts out there. : )

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