Schwan’s Coupon Calendar with $150 in Savings

For those of you that order from Schwan’s, I wanted to make sure that you knew about their coupon calendar that they sell for $7.99.

I just started ordering from Schwan’s when they had their Free Food offer last year. I don’t order from them much but I did buy their Schwan’s calendar when offered it at Christmas. We didn’t have a 2010 calendar at the time and I’m always loving some new coupons! But I was excited to see what coupons they had. There are two each month and most months, you can get close to some free food with one of them.

Last month, they had $5 off any Fruit/Micro-steamed vegetable making them around $.50. Here are the coupons left for the year in case you are interested:

March – $5 off Six Cheese Tortellini Pasta Shells and $15/$100 Order
April – Free Bread at $60 and $5/$50 Order
May – $5 Off Any Appetizer and 50% Off Sundae Cones
June – 2 Ice Creams for $6 and 10% off $50 Order
July – $5 Off Unbreaded Chicken Breast Filets and $5/$50 Order
August – 10% Off $50 and $4 Off any Vegetable
Sept – 50% Off any Sandwich and $5/$50 Order
Oct – $5 Off any Appetizer and $5/$50 Order
Nov- 50% Off any Dessert and 10% off $50 Order
Dec – $15/$100 and 2 Ice Creams for $6

We don’t order every month but I have come to like their Sundae Cones, California Rolls, Fried Green Beans and some of their seasonal items. Like everything else, you just have to watch prices to make sure they are a good deal.