Read With Us: My February Pick

It was so hard deciding which book to pick to read for February. After going through about 10 choices, I decided to pick the book Dear John, by Nicholas Sparks for a few reasons.

I’ve been very happy with several of movies based on books by Nicholas Sparks, such as A Walk to Remember and The Notebook. Also, the book was turned into a movie that’s just been released so I thought it might be fun to see it in the theater after I finish reading the book.

So I thought that I’d give this new book a chance to see if it compares. I hope that you also have found a great pick for your February book that you are going to read.

Stay tuned as I’ll be doing a giveaway for a few copies of Dear John

NOTE: Dear John is discounted to only $6.50 on Amazon right now. It’s such a good price that they’ve limited each person to only 3 copies.