Printable Coupon: $1.25 Off Chocolate Cheerios

Here’s a good coupon to pair with a sale to get some inexpensive cereal:

~$1.25 Off Chocolate Cheerios Printable Coupon IE

~$1.25 Off Chocolate Cheerios Printable Coupon FF

Thanks, Free Snatcher!

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  1. says

    These are soooooooo good! I’m trying my best to go on a diet, and I couldn’t resist snagging a box of these when they came out because I eat cereal dry for a snack instead of with milk as a breakfast or other meal. I’m going to be printing as many of these coupons as I can possibly print because this stuff is so awesome. My husband even liked them and he’s not real big on chocolate stuff.

    I’m not much of a cook and we don’t have kids but I bet you couuld come up with a really delicious snack mix or cereal snack-bar type thing sorta like Rice Krispie treats. I have a million things running through my head to try with these things since seeing this coupon…can you tell I’m excited?!?

    Thanks, Jaycie, and congrats on the 1 millionth! I hope I can meet that number someday with my own blog. I owe most of my readers to you and your blog roll, anyway. You are one of my all time favorite people and bloggers!

    Sorry I just wrote a short story in your comments :)

  2. coupongeek says

    You can share as many short stories as you’d like, my dear! :) I looooovvveee hearing from my readers and fellow bloggers. It’s like you see your stat counter going higher but it doesn’t quite seem like you have readers until you hear from them. I’m sure you know what I mean.

    Thank you for the congrats! You just keep up the hard work and doing what you are doing and I assure you that you will see the same number some day. And I’ll be there to leave you a nice comment on your posting!!

    And now you have me thinking, hmmmmm, what kind of treats could I make with this cereal! :)

    Have a great one, Kristin!


  3. Laura McLendon says

    Dear Jaycie:

    Does this message mean: They have exhausted their supply or are they trying to tell me that I have printed all I am allowed. The reason I ask is because I haven’t even printed one yet.

    I have tried in IE and FF both and I get the same thing.

    “There are no prints available for this campaign.
    You may close this window.”

    Thanks for your input.

    I just subscribed and you can thank Kristin at Making Cents Out Of Life for helping me to find you!!


  4. coupongeek says

    Hi Laura!

    That phrase means that all the printings that they had are gone. If you had already printed it, it would say something like “Sorry but you’ve already printed this coupon.”

    I will definitely be sure to thank her. :)


  5. Misty says

    I took some days off because of the shooting at my daughters school on Friday, and I missed out on this Q. Oh well. There will be another. Thanks for the heads up!!!!

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