Giveaway Winners!

Wow, you never realize how many giveaways you host until you have to pick all of the winners! It was a fun week-long giveaway spree that actually turned into two weeks of giveaways! And here are the lucky winners:

Publix $25 Gift Cards (2 winners)

Amelia DVD (3 winners)

Ironman Armored Adventures Vol 2 DVD (1 winner)

Embroidered Baby Gift Set from Custom Aprons and More (1 winner)

Chicken Soup For the Soul – Teachers’ Tales (3 winners)

Chicken Soup For the Soul – True Love (3 winners)

Dear John book (2 winners)

iTunes $15 Gift Card (1 winner)
Couponing Steals n Deals

Biggest Loser for Wii (1 winner)

Disney’s GForce BluRay/DVD Set (1 winner)

Bagnesia Reusable Produce Bags (1 winner)

Band of Brothers DVD Set (1 winner)

Winners: You have been sent an email and as mentioned in the giveaways you will have 48 Hrs to respond with your mailing address before I have to draw a new winner.

How about some of my answers to those questions that I asked you?

*Favorite Italian Meal? Fettuccine Alfredo from Olive Garden
*Area of my Life I’m passionate about? My family and helping others
*Child’s Favorite Cartoon? Max and Ruby and Word World–I’ve seen the episodes hundreds of times!
*Favorite Baby Shower Gift? Halo Sleep Sacks and I can never resist those cute outfits!
*Favorite Song/Game on iPod/MP3 Player? I love playing Sneezies on my iPhone (Though we usually end up playing one of the Toddler Teasers)
*Which Trainer would I pick, Bob or Jillian? I’d have to say Bob because he’s more mellow.
*How do we spend family night? We fix a huge bowl of popcorn and watch a Disney or Pixar movie.
*The one produce I buy when it’s on sale? Blueberries – Can’t buy enough of them!
*My favorite TV Series? Wow, what a tough question I asked you! I’d have to say Lost. But when it’s over this year, then I’d have to say House or Grey’s Anatomy. I loovvee medical shows!

Thank you for stopping by Coupon Geek! I value my readers and their advice, tips and comments. Please remember that Coupon Geek is a positive, family-friendly and upbeat site when leaving your comments.


  1. Lisette Ramos says

    I have won the reusable bag but I did not get an email therefore I wanted to let you know I am aware of and I responding here.

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