Gardening Fun: My Soon To Be Garden

February 25, 2010 17:22 pm · 6 comments

Yes, it may not look like much all covered in snow and dog footprints but this picture will soon (hopefully) turn into an array of beautiful flowers and an abundance of veggies for us.

When I first met Teresa, she was a reader of mine who always sent me her fabulous deal findings. One day I told her that she really should start a blog of her own, as she had this great knack for finding deals. Well, she now has her own blog home at Money Saving Maine-iac. And I’m sooo glad that she took my advice because I always enjoy reading her stories and tips. She has this amazing way of making the outdoors a huge part of her family’s life. I asked her a few months ago if she’d consider taking a newbie under her wing and teaching her the ropes of gardening and she was quick to welcome me in with open arms.

I’m definitely no expert on the subject of gardening. My yard is full of clay soil, to the point that I could take a shovel to our yard and the kids and I could sit and make clay figures on a warm, sunny day! So I know I have quite a bit of work cut out for me. But I’m excited about it and I’ve decided that this is the year it’s going to happen. As a Cubs fan, I’m used to saying, “Maybe Next Year” but that all ends when it comes to the idea of having a bountiful garden.

I’ve mostly just dabbled in tomato plants up to this point, but I did have some luck with jalapeno plants last year. And that’s where most of my luck ended! So Teresa and I are hoping to get a little gardening segment up each Thursday sharing our experiences and all those little gardening things we are enjoying throughout the year.

Teresa found a Hardiness Zone Finder for determining which zone you are in simply by inputting your zipcode. I’m in Zone 5A, as is she! Even just this little bit of information is helpful when it comes to picking out your plants and flowers.  It will help you find the ones that have a better success rate of growing and flourishing.

I haven’t decided what all will be in my garden yet, but I do know I’m going to try some seeds this year. I think this will be a fun little activity for me to do with the kids. And with my son’s help, we’ll have a better chance of remembering to water them, as it will be on our daily tasks list.

I’m hoping you’ll enjoy our segments and hopefully, like me, you’ll learn a lot as we go along.

(If you are looking for a fun series to read, check out Teresa’s “Yucky Stuff is the Lucky Stuff.” It’s my fave!)

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