Costco Members: Jump Start Preschool and Kindergarten Free After Rebate

Costco’s Deal of the Day is Jump Start Pre-school and Kindergarten for the PC HERE for $17.99 along with a $17.99 rebate HERE. Be sure to read all of the rebate “fine print details.”

Thanks for sharing, Mojo Savings.

Non-members can order it but will pay a $.90 non-member fee and you’ll need to mail in your rebate, rather than filing it online. If you’d like you can contact Costco Rebate Customer Service at 1-866-355-3137 with any questions.

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  1. K says

    This is still an awesome deal, but just thought I would mention that you still have to pay taxes on the item….so not quite free :)

  2. coupongeek says

    Yes, you do have to pay tax, just like you would on store deals. But yes, not quite free. :)

  3. coupongeek says

    You are so very welcome! I’d buy it myself but I’m terrible at mailing in rebates. :) Wish I was a Costco member so I could do it online!

  4. K says

    I am guessing that few people will read this….but just in case….

    This was *no* deal.

    I received this product. It contains a preschool disc, where only 1 level of 8 is accessible w/out an additional paid subscription to the online service JumpStart.
    The kindergarten disc was similar w/ only 2 levels (of 10) accessible w/out an upgrade to a paid subscription service through JumpStart ($100 and up/year….)

    This is not mentioned on Costco’s website and is definitely not clear on JumpStart’s website…I had to call their 800 # this AM to solve this hidden mystery. A bait and switch, if you ask me….I have lodged my disappointment w/ both companies.

    Luckily I attempted to “play” with the product prior to giving it to my children.

    It is being returned. Even for $1.17 it is a waste of money, IMO.
    Now I know why it was “free”….they can’t even give this product away.

    JumpStart: A company I hope never to do business with again….

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