Chicagolanders: Sushi Deal on Groupon

I had to laugh today when I saw the Groupon Deal of the Day for Chicago was Sushi. Remember me telling you I was hoping they’d eventually have a deal on one? :)

Well, I just wanted to share as I know several of my readers are from Chicagoland and I know a few of you also wanted to try a Sushi restaurant. My friends and I have decided to make a “Girl’s Day” of it and spend the day downtown enjoying the city. The deal said it was good through August 25th so we’ll have plenty of time to use it.

Don’t forget they have other deals for several big cities. So check to see what the daily deal is near you. They have one fabulously discounted deal every day so if you sign-up for their newsletter they’ll email you the daily deal.

And Groupon, can you also get one for more Rooftop Cubs Tickets again this year? :)