Chicago Cubs Rooftop Tickets: 50% Off Discount for Coupon Geek Readers

Photo Credit: Coupon Geek

UPDATE: They are now sold out!! Sorry if you missed it!

Wow, I am so excited to share this deal! I was contacted by Chris of Chicago Cubs-Rooftops about a discount on Chicago Cubs Rooftop Tickets for my readers.

For those of you that have never been, it’s quite an experience to watch the games from one of the rooftops. My hubby and I did this last year and already put it into our budget that we’d do it again this summer. My hope was to also take my brother so he could enjoy the experience after getting back from his tour in Iraq.

Now, these tickets normally sell for $154 but they are offering my readers a 50% Off Discount, making them $77 each. That’s not just for a ticket to see the game but it’s all inclusive including your food and drinks while you are there. Which, when you figure ballpark prices on food and drinks, it’s quite a deal!

The games that you can get this discount on are:
April 14th vs. Milwaukee Brewers – 1:20pm gametime OR
May 18th vs. Colorado Rockies – 7pm gametime

My hubby and I made arrangements so that I can be at both games. The first with him and the other with my family. Can I tell you how fabulous it is that the May game is the day before my brother’s birthday? And yes, I get to hang out him, my family and some friends for that one. So regardless of what game you choose, I’ll be at both of them— and by all means, please come over by me so we can chit-chat! I love getting the opportunity to meet my reader friends!

If you are interested in ordering tickets, you’ll need to contact Chris at 312-919-2342 or send him an email to Let him know which game you are interested in purchasing tickets for, mention that you saw the deal on Coupon Geek and be sure to give him the code Coupongeek99 in order to get the 50% of list price and grab the $77 a ticket deal.

Please feel free to pass the deal along to your family and friends so they can grab the discount, too! This deal expires on March 15th or when they are sold-out so don’t wait if you want them!

A special thanks to Chris and Chicago Cubs-Rooftops for the special discount for my readers! And I just have to say, that these made for a perfect Mother’s Day gift for me last year. So if your Mom is a Cubs Fan, too, you may want to consider that May 18th game.