Ask The Readers: Gardening Fever Yet?

With the weather staying above zero here for awhile now, I’m actually letting myself think about gardening a little again. I’m anxious to get together with Money Saving Maine-iac on a gardening series here soon.

But today, my friend Keri Lyn and I were in awe over the possibility of an indoor banana tree. Yeah, seriously! She found an indoor banana tree for sale online. I just picture my kids going over to grab a banana off the tree for breakfast. :)

Is anyone else out there getting gardening fever? I was just wondering what type of gardening you planned on doing this summer, if any, and how you all get started. Since we have a lot of clay soil, I was thinking about doing a raised garden bed. Has anyone ever had any success with this type of gardening?

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  1. Tiffany says

    I grow tomatoes every year. I remember the first year I had NO IDEA what i was doing and grew 12 tomato plants. Lets just say we ate A LOT of pasta. Last year with the weird weather they did not do as well. but I must say that I just used miracle grow soil conditioner and rotated the soil. It seems to work great. Lots of water. This year I am growing a couple rows of corn, tomatoes and bell peppers. We will see how the HOA handles it LOL! Good luck

  2. Nicole says

    Very cool! Perhaps you can touch on some non-conventional gardening. We have room for a garden, but live in a very shaded area. I would love to hear about container gardening also.


  3. says

    I’ve bought a few indoor fruit plants/trees, and they just don’t do well in Minnesota! While I love the idea of Meyer lemons, key limes and blueberries year-round, whenever I want them, the plants have flowered but never produced any real fruit. In fact, the blueberry and key lime plants eventually died, but my lemon plant has been alive for three years. It’s just never produced an actual lemon!

    I do love the idea of a garden…it’s so resourceful! I do tend to go overboard and plant a ton of the same thing, but I’m not afraid to can and preserve, so we end up with a decent stockpile for the winter.

  4. says

    I caught spring fever this week. I usually do a container flower garden with about 50 pots and I start seeds indoors under grow lights. Unfortunately, it’s still too early to start this for my zone yet. Also, this year I’m thinking about doing a vegetable garden in raised beds because I too have heavy clay soil which is so difficult to deal with. I think a gardening series is a great idea.

  5. Marco says

    I garden ever year. Everything from 6 different tomatos, cucumbers, peppers, 5 different lettuce, 3 different beans, grapes, kale, carrots, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, eggplant, peaches, apples, etc.

    Raise beds are ok but I would just roto-till an area and invest in a good 50% compost, 40% loam, and 10% cow manure. Pick a spot with sun light almost all day.

  6. gloriah says

    I garden every year. Last year we did a raised bed. My husband added new topsoil and mushroom compost. Had neighbors running away when they saw us coming. I was giving veggies away left and right. We plant the same every year, but last year was a bumper crop. Tomatoes, squash, zucchini, bell peppers, basil, cucumbers, okra, and cantalopes. I am trying cabbage and raddishes this year as they are a winter/early spring veggie and can go in the ground in the next week or so in our area.

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