Amazon: A Few Good Deals Today

Here are a few good deals that you can find on Amazon right now:

The deal of the day for February 16th is Walk It Out for Wii which is $19.98, down from $29.99.

The Pacific Design PD0086 Deluxe Notebook Carrying Case is $9.95, down from the $59.99 list price.

The Blue Dragon Plus for Ninetendo DS is down to $9.98 from $29.99. You can also get the Strategy Guide for it for only $3.42. (That’s only $13.40 for both the game and guide!)

Also, you’ll want to keep an eye on the Lightning Deals today, as it looks like they might all be for the Wii!

UPDATE: Mercedes found the list of lightning deals today, February 16th. Here’s what to expect:

11:00 AM CST: Toy Story Mania!
2:00 PM CST: The Biggest Loser
5:00 PM CST: Band Hero
7:00 PM CST: Wii Fit Plus
9:00 PM CST: Wii Charge Station Quad (Nyko)
10:00 PM CST: EA Sports Active

And can I just say one more time how much I highly recommend EA Sports Active! So far, it’s my favorite Wii exercise game.