Recycle Bank: How to Get 300 More Free Points

Remember my posting yesterday HERE about how you get 100 Points on Recycle Bank just for signing-up–and all the fabulous things you can turn those points in for?

Well here’s another way to get up to 300 FREE points added to your account:

1) Go to HERE and sign-up for a FREE account.

2) Click on Rewards at the top and link up your Recycle Bank Account. (If you don’t have an account yet for Recycle Bank, you can sign-up for one HERE.)

3) Click on Saved Searches. Start searching and saving them. (Choose a city close to you if yours isn’t listed.)

4) Each Saved Search earns you 10 more points. Do this for a bit earning up to 300 points. It may take a few days for them to show up under your Recycle Bank Account.

Thanks for the find, Frugal Coupon Living and Swag Grabber!