Read With Us: My January Pick

As I mentioned earlier, one of my Goals for 2010 is to focus on more “me time” and get in some reading each month. In order to keep myself focused on this goal, I’m picking one book a month that I’ll share with you and then later do a giveaway on.

It’s interesting how I came about my January pick. I was walking through Target and glanced over at their endcap books and saw one with “tea” in the title. I came home and checked Amazon for a price comparison and to see what the reviews said on it. I was blown away—almost 5 stars after 2,000 people read it. You see, my thing with my Mother has always been Tea. We used to have tea parties and it’s just something I always gravitate towards when I pick out gifts for her. So of course, I had to get this for her for Christmas. Only–I couldn’t find it when it came time to wrap her presents! So I ordered another one, thinking I’d read it whenever I found it.

Of course, a day after I gave her hers, I found it. So not only did I decide to make it my January pick but it also created something so very cool for my Mother and I this year—every month, I’m going to use my Amazon gift cards that I’ve earned through SwagBucks that I have saved up to send her a copy of my pick so we can read it together! She was so excited when I told her my idea. It’s our little way of being able to share something together, despite being not living close to each other.

Now, keep in mind, my picks are not based on books that I’ve read but ones that I’m actually just starting to read. I have no idea if they are great or terrible. But I just wanted to share what I’m reading and hopefully you’ll share what you are, too. It might help everyone find some good books for the year!

So my January pick is Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace . . . One School at a Time by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. (Note: It’s only $7.50 on Amazon right now HERE. It’s such a great deal that they are limiting how many people can buy.)

Stay Tuned as I will also be hosting a giveaway for 3 copies.

Are there any books that you are planning on reading this month?