Help For Haiti

It’s in times like these that it becomes so obvious how much we all truly do have. It’s so heartbreaking to see so many in Haiti lose absolutely everything in the Earthquake on Tuesday, January 12th. It’s hard to even just look at the pictures of the destruction they’ve all endured over there and to see all the lives that have been lost, let alone to imagine what they are actually going through.

While I can’t personally be there to help the victims of the earthquake, I know there are several amazing organizations that are trained for situations, such as these, and are doing everything they can to bring aid to those in need. CNN put together a list HERE of organizations that are specifically helping Haiti.

Beginning today, January 15th, my husband and I are going to donate $.50 to The Salvation Army Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund for each person that does one of the following by January 21st, 2010 (with up to a total of a $500 donation):

1) Bloggers–Blog about how you are going to help those that need aid in Haiti. Readers often find inspiration through you so share your stories and help encourage more to contribute in some way or another. Leave a link to your posting and I’ll donate $.50 for each link.

2) Readers–Just because you don’t have a blog doesn’t mean you can’t participate. Leave a comment letting me know in what way you have helped those in Haiti and I’ll donate $.50 for each comment that’s left.

Keep in mind that aid does not necessary come in only monetary form. There are several ways to help, including donating several of those items that you have even picked up for free to places that will make sure they get to Haiti.

Thank you so much for giving from the heart and helping those in need. Please be sure to also go to Money Saving Mom as she has a list up of several other bloggers that are also donating $ per link/comment. She’s also donating $10 to Compassion’s outreach in Haiti for every blogger that blogs about how they are helping and for every person who comments or emails telling her what they did to help, she will donate $0.30 to Numana to provide one meal for a starving person. So make sure you stop by each of those blogs to increase the money donated. Also check out the the blogs that are linked up below, too!

UPDATE: There were 111 link-ups and 72 comments at a total of $.50 a link equaled $91.50. So my husband and I donated $100 to the Salvation Army Haiti Relief fund.