Dominick’s: My Great Find on Pork Loin

So I had just planned on stopping at Dominick’s to grab some blueberries that were on sale for BOGO at $3.99. But I veered off to the endcap in the meat area that has proven to be a golden ticket the last three times I looked.

There they had Premium Pork Boneless Center Cut Loin that is normally $5.49lb in our area for only $1.79lb. Wow! Then came the big debate….stock up and possibly go over-budget for the week or pass it up. Well, as you can see from the picture, I bought 3 of them!

Now, I’d never spend $5.49lb but it’s fun to see how much I saved if I were a person that didn’t watch sales and coupon—$74.63!! Yup, it would have cost $104.99 but I only paid $30.36 for the 3 of them. Around $38 for all my groceries but we’ll see how the week goes.

So aside from making pork tenderloin sandwiches, I’m scouring my books and online for more delicious recipes. (Anyone have a good one they’ve tried?)