Toys R Us: Trade Games for Gift Cards

I just saw this when I was out on Wednesday and Couponers United reminded me of it.

Toys R Us now has a “Trade Games for Gift Cards” plan. You can go to their site HERE and see if you can find a game listed that you have to trade-in. You’ll print the label and ship it and they’ll mail you a gift card for the trade-value.

Trading-In games for credit or selling them is a great way to play games for a long time and then get some of the value back to try out new games. We often buy used games, too.

Places that we’ve had luck either trading-in games, selling them or buying used games from are:

1) Blockbuster Video
2) Disc Replay
3) Gamestop

And I guess we can now check out Toys R Us’s plan. Have any of you found other places that you’ve had success with trading-in or selling games?

UPDATE: Looks like Amazon has a good program to look into, too. Thanks for the tip, Kristen!