Frugal Birthday Cakes

I happened to see an ad when I was on and I’m glad that I clicked through. It brought me to the Betty Crocker Cake Pages. And they are sooo cute! The first one that caught my eye was the Fire Engine Cake, as my son is big into trucks right now. There’s a how-to video on how to make it HERE.

I’m not that great with the hands-on stuff but this one looked like one that I might be able to handle! And the reviews for it were 5 stars.

There’s also one for a Panda Bear Cake that got good reviews. I did watch that one and it looked fairly simple, too. (You can always make it into a Teddy Bear Cake w/ Brown & Tan frosting colors.)

I’m always astounded by how expensive these “cutesy” type of cakes are in the stores. These two recipes that I watched looked like some basic ingredients that if you watch for sales ahead of time, you could probably make these fairly cheap. (Such as cake mix, frosting, candy items and using a Ziploc bag for “piping” the frosting.)

There were more cakes HERE.

These aren’t affiliate/sponsor links but just something I ran across and thought I’d share. I’m really debating making the Fire Truck one now!!