Bloggers: Want to be a Store Contributor?

For a month now, I’ve been putting up the Weekly Store Deals Round-up for a place for my fellow bloggers to link-up their store deals. Some of you have asked if I’d like an ongoing weekly contributor for a particular store, and I’ve mentioned a store contributor list that I was in the works of compiling.

But for those of you that I haven’t talked to, what I am doing is making a very large store deals list for my readers to easily access local stores in their area. Now this will take some time for there to be several stores but we have to start somewhere, right? :)

If you are interested in having your blog permanently on this list for a particular store, these are the few criteria that I ask for:

1) That you update your blog weekly with the deals for that store. Now, some weeks you might not be able to and I understand but for the most part, the store deals should be every week.

2) You must have a URL that will automatically update weekly. Most of us just use a special label under our posting that we put on each weekly deal posting. For example, to keep mine updated in the sidebar, I put “jewel deals jc.” If you already use a special label, please don’t feel you have to create a new one just for this list.

3) Your blog must be family-friendly and not have any “inappropriate material” on it.

4) Your deal postings must be written by yourself (or by an agreed partner) and not copied from another blog with just credit to them.

I reserve the right to remove any blogs that don’t comply with these simple guidelines.

If you are interested in being on the list, please email me at coupongeek at live dot com and put “Store Contributor List” in the subject line. And thank you for helping my readers save more money by finding deals in their area!

Now for those of you that just update deals on your blog randomly, don’t worry. I’m still going to put up the round-up linky for you to post yours. (I will also reference the store contributor list in that posting for my readers to easily find those deals.)

Thank you for stopping by Coupon Geek! I value my readers and their advice, tips and comments. Please remember that Coupon Geek is a positive, family-friendly and upbeat site when leaving your comments.


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    Hi there! It looks like Country Mart is listed on your list, but that site no longer offers a Country Mart matchup. As far as I know, my site is now the only site that offers a weekly matchup consistently (no offense to others!). I am located in Southeastern Missouri and in our area, Country Mart, Price Chopper, and Town and Country are sister stores with the same deals. This of course means that my matchup is also good for the other stores. They are also in Northern Arkansas and West Tennessee. I’m not sure if you link to others’ sites, but I’d appreciate the traffic and thought you all might appreciate the footwork to be offered to your viewers. Please let me know if you are interested or not. Thanks for your consideration.


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