Ask The Readers: Locating Healthy Recipes

So I had mentioned Friday in my fitness posting that we are going to try to go close to junk-food-free in August. It’s one of two of my upcoming challenges for myself. (I’ll share the other one later this week!)

Now when I mentioned it, I was refering to mostly our snack items and side dishes. But I figured, why not try some new recipes, too? So, I was wanting your opinions on where you find good healthy recipes. Any favorite sites, blogs, magazines, recipe books? I was going to check a few books out from my library but if you have any favorites, I’d love to start there.

If only they had a service where you could send in your everyday recipes and they’d ship them back in a healthier format! I do love our family recipes but some of them aren’t too health-friendly. My hands are usually tied since my husband isn’t a big veggie eater and most recipes call for veggies in them.

Thanks for the help!