Toys R Us: EA Sports Active

So, some of you told me that you were wanting the EA Sports Active but couldn’t find a deal on it. Now, I’m not sure if this is regional or not, but in our Toys R Us ad this week, they have a buy EA Sports Active, get a $10 gift card. (Note: I don’t see the deal online.) Now, if you can find a Toys R Us printable, you can sweeten the deal. Some even take Babies R Us printables/coupons. And maybe you are like us—we were mailed a $10/$50 purchase coupon a few weeks ago.

I really wanted to get this but I couldn’t justify the $59 right now. My hubby told me he’d get it for my b-day and I said, no. Well, they had this deal a few weeks ago for the $10 GC and our $10 coupon so he was able to pick it up for $39. He told me I could have it early but I said the only thing I have to “look forward to” right now is getting older–so I’ll wait. :) But I hear there’s a 30-day challenge on it and once I get to check it out, I may start it up July 1st.

Just passing this along in case you have some coupons to pair with the $10 gift card earning, you might be able to make it within your price range.

To My Readers: Does anyone know of a TRU or BRU printable I can pass along? And have any of you bought this and tried it out yet? What do you think and is it worth the money as far as a fitness program & staying healthy? Thanks for the help!!