Sunday Paper Notables

Here are a few things from the Sunday Paper Ads & Insert that are worth “calling out” but not individual postings. These are from our Chicago Tribune, so yours may vary.

Parade Insert – (Obama on the cover) There’s a $2 off coupon in the ours for Prilosec. Don’t forget to check yours weekly for coupons.

Steak n Shake Ad – There’s a BOGO coupon for Butterfinger Milk Shakes. Also, don’t forget that Mon-Fri from 2-4 PM, it’s their “Happy Hour” and all drinks n shakes are 1/2 price.

Sports Authority – There are $10/$50 and $25/$100 coupons in a wrap-around on their ad.

Chicago Tribune – If you are within their home delivery area and have been wanting to get the paper, you can use code X750 and get Wed, Fri & Sun for $1! (Sunday only is $.99 and 7-day delivery is $2.99) You can also subscribe online HERE. (Not an affiliate for them. Just saw the insert in the paper.)

Did your area get anything special in your Ad section?