Shopping Warriors

Since shopping can sometimes feel like a battle–one that we conquer weekly–I figured Shopping Warriors would be a good name for the weekly shopping pictures/findings postings. :)

I haven’t forgot to put some up the last few weeks. I just didn’t have the time to type up everything. Same goes for this week. So I thought I’d just share some quick things I found and leave a linky so you can link-up your pics! I’ll try to get a picture up when my computer decides to allow me to upload from my camera again! :) I’ll get this link up weekly, even if I just have to put up a quick note of what I found without pricing.

The Deals I Found:

Con/Agra Dannon Deal @ Jewel – I ran this one FIVE times! I am now well-stocked on Diced tomatoes, yogurt and oil! I didn’t bother rolling my catalinas (I wanted some to show my couponing class) so I should have almost free groceries coming up. I love that I could snag oil for $.50!

Target – They just put out some GREAT items in the dollar area for learning tools. I picked up some alphabet workbooks and some shapes/colors/numbers books. (We had a blast with these today!)

CVS – Went to get the Always Infinity Deal and they were wiped out. So I did something unusual…I left without buying ANYTHING! (What?!)

This Week’s Plan?

I haven’t seen Target’s Ad yet but I may get some Right Guard and Kellogg’s Cereal at Wags and use my Jewel Catalinas for formula, produce, bread and milk. Still debating on the Coke/Hillshire Farm deal. I think I still have plenty of stock. (It’s sooo hard to pass up a good deal, isn’t it?!) I found 3 more Weber Grilling Seasonings coupons so I will definitely be getting those for FREE this week! (Love the Chipotle one!)

So what did you find this week? Leave a linky to your posting with your shopping pics and/or findings! Don’t have a blog? Leave a comment with the savings you found!