How Did Day One Go?

So, I don’t plan on doing a daily exercise re-cap but I thought I’d share my first day with you. My “exercise personality” is like an undefeated football team that wins constantly until they finally lose one–then they tend to lose easily. So it’s important for me to stay on track and not miss a day!

Today, Nathan, Kaydi and I went for a walk. It normally takes 15 minutes but it was a good 25 minutes, since Nathan was walking and I was pushing Kaydi in the stroller. I was regretting wearing pants but the idea of squeezing into shorts wasn’t appealing. (Soon!!!)

Nathan rode his Big Wheel when we got back and I shot some hoops—taking advantage of Kaydi sleeping in the stroller! :) Like good old Chicago, we were sweating like crazy and then an hour later, I had to close the doors/windows up before we had to put on our winter coats. There was a cold, strong wind coming through. (Hence our name, Windy City!)

So we had fun. I got in my exercise and we survived day one. :) I’m hoping you were able to get a little in, too!