Coupon Class Materials and Info

When I posted HERE that I had just done my first coupon class, I received quite a few emails/comments asking either for the materials I used or for ideas on what to cover in the class.

For those of you that commented/emailed, I would be more than happy to send what I used. They are far from perfect but at least they are a starting point for you. I will also be doing a posting next week sometime on how to do a class of your own. Like I said, I am no expert in this subject but at least it will help you start off and you should be able to at least teach the basics that will help them find the deals and save on their grocery/household budget.

This blog was created to help as many people as possible to save money in as many ways as possible; couponing, budgeting, changing life habits, etc. So I am more than thrilled to help anyone that would love to teach these same things to people within their communities.

So stay tuned. I’ll try to get the posting up late next week.