Ask The Readers: Your Grocery & Store Chains

I am always on the look-out for some great deals for you all. But I know that I don’t always list deals for a lot of “chains” focusing mostly on Wags, CVS, Target & Jewel.

So I’m wondering if you might take just a second to throw a comment my way letting me know what chains you frequent so I can find deals and sites to refer to you to. While I won’t be able to break out coupon match-ups for all of them, I can keep my eyes open for the best deals and any printables for those chains. (Feel free to list even smaller chains, as I may see deals for them and can save you some $$! Or direct you to the blog that does full scenarios/match-ups for them.)

Also, if you have any areas you’d like to see more postings on, leave that info, too and I’ll see what I can do.

For those you that are unfamiliar with how to comment—below this posting it says “Comments.” Click there. You can either comment through your Google ID or if you don’t have an ID, choose Anonymous and if you feel comfortable doing so, leave a first name with it.

Thanks for helping me, help you!

UPDATE: For those of you that have left comments about smaller chains, I have commented back with blogs that I found for you that focus on those scenarios, in an attempt to help. I just wanted to call this out since you may not check the comments but you may see this update.

Thanks for the help so far, everyone! Keep them coming! And keep mentioning those smaller chains as I’ve been able to match you up with a blog for them so far!