31 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Budget (Without Coupons!) : Re-Cap

I hope that you have all enjoyed this series. I wanted to take a minute to re-cap what’s been posted:

TIP #1: – Create A GOOD Grocery Budget And Stick To It!

Tip #2 – Create a Weekly Menu Plan

Tip #3: – Have a “Low Inventory” List in your pantry /on fridge

Tip #4 – Inventory Often To Avoid Expired Food

Tip #5 – Shop With An Organized List That’s Listed By Store Aisle

Tip #6 – Never Shop Hungry–And Leave The Kids At Home

Tip #7 – Keep a Price Book

TIP #8 – Keep a Clean Fridge And Know What You Have On Hand

TIP #9 – Make Your Own Single-Serving Snacks

TIP #10 – Only Shop With Cash

TIP #11 – Use Your Leftovers

TIP #12- Use Proper Storage to Extend the Life of Your Food

TIP #13 – Create and Live Off a Stockpile

TIP #14 – Switch From Bottled Water To A Pitcher or Water System

TIP #15 – Skip Convenience Foods And Make Your Own

TIP #16 – Freezer or Once-A-Month Cooking

TIP #17 – Always Have a Quick Back-Up Meal On Hand

TIP #18 – Try To Work In Some Crockpot Cooking

TIP #19 – Use Recipes With Few Ingredients

TIP #20 – Be Creative And Make Your Own Restaurant Meals At Home

TIP #21 – Try The Store Brand Version of Products

TIP #22 – Try Alternate Stores Like Aldi’s or Warehouse Clubs Like Sam’s or Costco

TIP #23 – Buy Your Spices Elsewhere Or Grow Your Own

TIP #24 – Always Be On The Lookout For Great Store Deals That Don’t Need Coupons

TIP #25 – Simply Put, Use Everything!

TIP #26 – Consider Canning/Preserving Food

TIP #27 – Plant Your Own Garden

TIP #28 – Visit Pick-Your-Own Locations

TIP #29 – Shop At Local Farmstands And Farmer’s Markets

TIP #30 – Change Your Eating Habits, Take a Little, Go Back For Seconds

TIP #31 – Alternate Ways To Cut Meat Expenses

BONUS TIP – Use Supercook Website

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  1. Nancy says

    Thanks for this info. Even though I’m in my 50s now and used to do all of the above, I quit doing most of them. Now since I have to stay home due to my health, I have to find ways to cut costs and make things easier. Your blog is a big help to me.

  2. coupongeek says

    Thank you sooo much for sharing, Nancy! It’s amazing how much these little things can add up to big savings even by just doing a few of them. The one that’s the most helpful to me is do a weekly menu plan.

    Blessings to you!!

  3. Heather H says

    I just noticed this on your web page and let me say how much I enjoyed reading this. This is really going to help me out. I feel like I have been all about couponing lately and I really don’t need to be ALL the time. Thanks!!

  4. Tammy says

    I have been couponing for a couple of months now and am at a weird point right now if anyone has any advice. I only have HEB (doesn’t double or triple coupons) Walmart and target. I don’t really find amazing deals. I don’t know a good way to start my price book. Should I start writing down sale prices from the circular? Also I used to shop at Walgreens in the beginning but have completely cut them out because I found myself buying items for the register reward and to me I was using money on stuff I really didn’t need if that makes any sense…I am just like I said in a coupon funk…any advice anyone???

  5. coupongeek says

    For price books, you just jot down products you normally buy. Then you put the regular prices at stores you shop at. That way, when you look through a sales ad, you’ll know if it’s a good deal or not.

    It takes awhile to learn the great deals. Just start of small and work your way up to big deals.

  6. Lisa says

    hi my name is lisa i like the things you are saying i am new to the couponing i have 3 teens and they get but my pay is low well im poor i have 40 dallars to pay things with and i try to get whay i can to feed them some time i feel so bad i have to pay the bills just so we can live and not be homeless i am just trying to no how to get some deals for the kids just to eat not a big shop just a lil for us to get by thanks for your help working mom trying to make it thanks

  7. coupongeek says


    Just keep learning more and more about couponing and you’ll be able to stretch that $40 so far. It’s amazing what you can get for free once you start couponing!

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