30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #8


One of the big reasons for weight gain or troubles in weight loss is self-esteem. We either think we aren’t good enough to feel great or we put everyone else in our family first, leaving no time for ourselves to get healthy.

Well…I think you are worth it! :) And something you’ll endlessly hear me tell you is–the best thing you can ever do for your kids is to get healthy so you can be there for them many years down the road!

I see it every year when I watch The Biggest Loser. Contestants are struggling with being away from their families but then they remind themselves that a few months away now will give them so many extra years in the long-run.

So, take a moment to tell yourself that you are great. And remind yourself to take a little “you time” each day. Trust me—you are worth it!

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